Sonic the Hedgehog Theory #1: Chaos Emerald Chaos

Okay, so those of you either just coming into the Sonic Fandom or are seasoned veterans of the franchise have heard of something called the Chaos Emeralds. These Seven gems are cut to look like diamonds and the power source of Sonic's world and something Doctor Robotnik/Doctor Eggman (Sonic's nemesis) yearns for to power up his robots. Though they are called the Chaos Emeralds, I believe they could be anything but Emeralds, minus the green one.

In Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), there were six of these gems. Their colors were Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Silver. Emeralds only come in colors ranging from blue-green to dark green. Therefore, only the green one can officially be called an Emerald.

I believe the Blue "emerald" would most likely be a Sapphire. The Red could be a Ruby, the Yellow a Citrine, the Pink a Morganite, and the Silver a Diamond. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) introduced a seventh Chaos Emerald, the Purple one, which I believe to be an Amethyst.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994), there were a couple of changes made. The Pink emerald became the Turquoise one and the Yellow emerald became Orange. These could possibly be an Aquamarine and a Topaz.

This is My theory.

Another theory (by The Game Theorists) is that they're all the same gemstone, but not all Emeralds. He believes that they're all members of the Quartz family. Quartzes come in many colors. Purple (Amethysts), Red (Hematite), Blue (Dumortierite (very VERY rare)), Yellow (Citrine), Pink (Rose Quartz), Silver (or Clear), and even a rare Green one (Prasiolite).

Either of these theories would make sense to me, and I hope they do for you all too.

I'll see you all later
January 3rd, 2019 at 04:32am