Hello Peeps

Hello friends, how are all of you after the holidays? How is 2019 treating you so far?
I figured I would check in my Mibba friends as I have dedicated myself to being more active in the 2019 year. In a month or so I WILL BE GETTING MY VERY OWN LAPTOP so I can start writing again to help my my anxiety and depression issues. My BH consultant stated writing is a typical outlet (which I’ve been doing on my own for years) but feels my recent increase is due to the lack of writing I’ve been doing.
We will also be moving again, hopefully closer to my brother who I love dearly and am excited to see EVERY SINGLE DAY if I could.
Also I saw that pronunciation challenge too and I will be making my video today during my lunch to upload. I’m excited.
January 3rd, 2019 at 05:03pm