It Is Time

To update this blog, I mean. I guess I'm just the type to update every, like, five months.

So, firstly, I finished my first semester back at college pretty successfully. I mean, I got a C in math (just barely, 69.5% that she rounded up for me) and I got a B in A&P, so I'm pretty stoked about that cause I really felt like I was falling behind in it. Honestly, I think I'm just a really good guesser.

So yeah, I start my next semester on the 14th. I'm taking A&P II and Composition. I've technically already taken the latter in high school, a dual credit thing, but for WHATEVER reason, it's not transferring over to my community college now, and it's a prerequisite for my program. I didn't really have anything better to take, though. There's a semester later in the program that requires you to take some cores since it's an associates degree and a certificate, but I've already taken all of them at my other junior college and received like A's and B's in them so like... May as well just retake comp.

Toward the end of this semester, I have to apply for the program. I need two letters of recommendations and some vaccines, then have to reply to two short answer questions. It'll be interesting for sure, but I'm really excited.

Moving on, my boyfriend and I have been living together for about five months now, and it's going really smoothly. The first couple of months were tough just because we weren't used to spending time with each other so much. Like, we went from seeing each other maybe three times a week at most to being by each other's sides 24/7. That on top school stress had us ready to snap at each other at any given time. It was mostly my fault, tbh. But we're passed that and I don't have anymore math classes to cause mental breakdowns.

Ummmm I've been trying to write and read over the break. Naturally, inspiration hit like right when my Christmas break is going to be over. I entered one entry into a contest and now I'm working on a Harry Potter fic idea I've had for literal YEARS. I guess some things never change. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself because over the last couple of years, my writing skills have just totally atrophied. Like, I just don't have a way with words like I used to. My imagery isn't nearly as good. But I'm really just writing to write. Just get it out there, you know? A cool thing is that I told my boyfriend about it and like he isn't judging me for it. I've always been a little too self-conscious to tell partners or even friends that I've written fan fiction for... like, Jesus Christ, fourteen years now. That's wild. But anyway, I'm just really comfortable with him and I figure that if I'm planning on marrying him (which I am), I need to be able to be honest about everything.

Um, family stuff is okay. I've been kind of bummed because my dad hasn't talked to me in a while. He's been kind of behind on a job (not his fault. His dumb contractors), so he's been working crazy hours, but like the last time we texted was Christmas when I thanked him for the beautiful snow globe he got me (entirely different story) and all I got out of him was a smiling emoji and then 'yes' when I asked him if he got it antiquing. He helped me pay for school, so I texted him to say thanks for that. No response. I told him that I got totally registered for classes and everything was a go for this semester. No response. He even talked to my brother on the phone the other day about his classes (which I'll get to in a moment) and usually when he talks to one of us on the phone, he'll call the other shortly after, knock both of us out in one day or something, and he didn't call me. So yeah. I'm not annoyed or mad or anything. Just a little sad.

So my brother. He's 28 years old and in college again. We were late bloomers I guess. He went to two different big universities when he was fresh out of high school and partied himself into totally failing. And I mean, like, every. single. one of his classes. So he was in San Antonio for a few years working at a pizza place and then a gym and then Apple and then my dad moved (that's where he relocated after the divorce) to Louisiana, and no offense to anyone who reads this, but we are NOT about that Louisiana life. It is a different world there. I have family and they're great, but damn. Anyway, so my brother moved back home and went through a bit of a depressive episode. He had transferred to an Apple store closer to us and they messed up his hours and it gave him anxiety so he quit and was on medical leave for a couple months, but that eventually ran out and he just... didn't do anything about it. He tried a couple of different anti-depressants, but they didn't work fast enough for him, so he would just stop taking them and that was the end of it. I was so annoyed. As someone who has been on medicine for like almost my entire life, it's kind of an insult to me when someone won't put forth the effort to find the right medication for you. Finding the right seizure medicine was NOT easy for me. It sucks, but you have to be patient.

Okay so he was at home for a long time and, naturally, ran out of money, so Dad was helping him more. He also has this problem with like impulse buys and it just kills me. It makes me want to scream at him. He tried to go to college after a little while and got his financial aid. Spent it on video game shit. Took out a loan and after totally withdrawing from a semester, getting put on SchoPro for his next one, he's all surprised that he has to pay it back, so he's trying to get a deferment. It's just a mess and it really just comes down to him being more responsible. This semester, he's actually going to a University, like not a community college, so everything is gonna be more expensive and his classes will be harder, especially since this last semester he took two total blow off classes. It's gonna be yet another wake up call for him. My mom, boyfriend and I honestly do not know if he's actually gonna make it all the way through.

I think that's enough of that. I really just needed to vent about Dad and the brother. Everything else is going pretty swimmingly, though. I'm very excited about this semester and applying for my program soon.

Hope life is treating all of y'all well.
January 9th, 2019 at 05:09am