I have to say, this January 2019 has been significantly better than the last two Januaries of my life. Seriously like January 2017 was awful because my then-boyfriend was a shithead and liar so I went through some shit. January 2018 was rough because I still going through a breakup with said boyfriend. Now this January, I'm free of men and ready to party hardy with my besties.

Literally the whole reason why I'm posting this blog is because I'm so excited beyond words for these two trips I have planned.

Next week I'm going to North Carolina (Durham, specifically) to visit my best friend who goes to Duke there. It's only for the weekend but we're going to see Jesse McCartney (for our 12 year old selves, of course) and Trevor Noah. It's gonna be jam packed but I'm super excited.

AND THEN at the end of this month/first weekend of February, I'm going to Cancun with my friends. We're leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday, so it's going to be lit. We booked this massive suite (for 6 of us) at an all-inclusive resort so you bet your butt I'm gonna eat and drink ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. I also wanna snorkel and explore Cancun if we can!!

Now you may be wondering how I'm gonna afford this shit, well IDK THE ANSWER TO THAT lol. But all I know is that you can always make money back, but not time. Might as well take advantage while I'm still young.

One of my New Years resolutions is to leave Phoenix, Arizona at least once a month (whether that be within the state of AZ or out of it) and I really wanna stick to it. I think it'd be so fun and I already got January and February down so. Oh, and June, for China.

Here's to being broke in 2019 and yet having loads of fun!!

And just because I've been thinking about this all morning (for those of you who haven't seen my Instagram story), I gave my brother a 23andMe ancestry kit for Christmas and he got his results back today. Turns out we're (I know it was for him but I think we can assume my siblings and I have the same ancestry lol) 97% Bangladeshi (obviously) and then 2.9% East Asian and Native American. I'm a little shook by that because I was sitting here expecting the thing to say 100% South Asian with some sprinklings of Pakistani and Indian or something...NOPE. Those two didn't even make the radar but East Asian and Native American did. NATIVE AMERICAN. Isn't that wild lol. I guess it makes sense bc early ancestors are from Asia...but still.

Super cool stuff. Have any of you gotten DNA tested? AND any exciting stuff planned for 2019?
January 11th, 2019 at 08:31pm