Oh, Hello (+ Give Me Things to Read?)

I say that like I've left the website and come back or something. You'd think I did with how little I post ever, but no, I've just been siting in the shadows, silently stalking.

It's been almost a year, I think, since I made a blog so I figured I'd come on here, say what's up, ~reintroduce myself to the Mibba blog world because I have nothing better to do today tbh.

SO HI. I'm Lizz, I've been on Mibba for a million almost 10 years, I was part of the big Quizilla migration back in the day. When I was much more active I was known for written cheesy drabbles and making ficmixes for my favourite stories. Now I mostly hang out in the forums, sometimes posting, mostly just stalking. I'm a story editor and a board mod and sometimes like to help out with events. When things were more active, I was one of the heads of the contests revival, and joined 592850285 contests all the time.

In my real life, I'm a registered nurse and full time cat mom. I graduated in April and got fully licensed in November, and have been working as an RN since then and lowkey freaking out about the fact that I'm in charge of making sure people don't die while they're sick. I have two cats, Hagrid and Dobby, and they're my favourite things in the world. I currently live in an apartment that I pay for myself, which is more adult-y than I'd ever thought I'd get, with my fiance. Life is stressful and sometimes awful but I feel like life has to be like that or is it really life.

I recently got back into reading, I read about 9 books in December, which was wild, and I've read 4 so far in January. I read The Raven Cycle, and am now pynch trash, and All for The Game, and am now andreil trash. While I was in school I read approximately 0 things other than textbooks, so it's been nice getting back to reading actual books.

I also miss reading stories on Mibba. Back in the day I used to read/comment on so much stuff but it's been so long. Mainly because I just don't know what to read, and I'm not really active enough on parts of the site to be able to find stuff. SO, if you have anything you wrote that you want me to read, or something you really like that someone else wrote and you wanna share, hit me up. I'm always down for a good concrit comment, so if you want one of those, lemme know.

Anyways, now that you all know things about me you probably don't care about. Tell me something about yourself? I'm always up for new friends, or old friends who are new again. I had a group of people here once upon a time, and I miss that community.
January 24th, 2019 at 10:30pm