Story Ideas!

So, recently I lost a good friend of mine. She no longer wanted to be friends. I've been doing some art trades with people I know for sure are my good friends. I recently discovered drawing was becoming slightly repetitive for me, so I've been trying to think of ideas for stories. I haven't come up with much, but I have a few:

-A Sonic the Hedgehog FanFic of my favorite non-canonical ship of the franchise (Silver x Blaze)
-A Steven Universe FanFic of:
-the gems convincing the Diamonds to fuse
-about Gemsonas I'll make
-Mom Swap where Blue Diamond is Steven's Mom
-A story with my OCs in them

I wanna do all of these ideas eventually, but for now, I just need a little encouragement. I know I'd have a lot of fun with these ideas. Yes, I am aware that the SU Mom Swap of Blue Diamond already exists, but I'd like to make my own version of it. Let me know which I should do, I suppose.
January 28th, 2019 at 03:38am