Reading Wishlist

Hi friends!

Alright, so before I get into this blog, I wanted to promote my year-long challenge, The Mibba Revival Challenge. It is a year-long challenge filled with different activities you can set yourself with to keep Mibba looking active as possible, as well as to encourage everyone to write more! I hope you guys join and do better than me! :D Writing Cup is coming up, so I’m excited to see if maybe that’ll help me write more lol. I’ve been off Mibba lately just because I’ve been binge reading Black Butler, as you can see by the new username and blog. ^_^ Hopefully I can write more, finish the prizes for my contest, and be more productive.~

Anyway, since I wanted to read more fics and comment more for the challenge, I decided to make a reading wishlist for myself. If you guys have any stories that need to be read or would like to reccommend another user's story, share them in the comments, I’d love to read them. I don’t have a preference, as long as there is no racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, pedophilia, mpreg, rape, and incest. I don't read too much fanfiction anymore (although I'm a fanfiction writer????), I've been more into original fiction as of recently, I'll still take some anyway. I prefer bandom, but I'm open-minded! :)


Kian by dawn of light
A Little Bit of Everything by dawn of light
Born a Bastard by dawn of light
The Dizygotic Killer by dawn of light
Mitchum and Me by dawn of light
The Art of Deflowering by swell
Bambi by victor vale
Kirk, Gossip, and Online Chats by dawn of light
The Case of T.P Wallace by dawn of light
AG8210V by dawn of light
Where the Wind Takes Us by swell
Musculature by pocahontas.
Between Here and There by pocahontas.
Fools by swell
Damn Daniel by swell
Girl Meet World by nearly witches.
Relevance by arrivals.
Rizos by Alsoldey.
Black Flies by solo sunrise
Brothers/Sisters by solo sunrise
Coal Sprines by prayers.
Ex Nihilo by prayers.
Verano by Alsoldey.
She by divine;
Demon Eyes by prayers.
V / S / O N by prayers.
Headfirst into the Abyss by prayers.
The Dead Tenants by prayers.
The River and the Sea by raja sahara
We Will Go by raja sahara
Dear Love by losing control.
Altruistic by matenrou.
Dream About You by losing control.
Silas is the Sun by saeglopur
Calliope by raja sahara
Him & Him by saeglopur
The Man Who Couldn’t Die by raja sahara
How to Ditch Your Baggage by saeglopur
Stargaze and Chill by saeglopur
The Jesus Kid by indigo.
Let Love Unfold Your Legs by saeglopur
Welcome Noah, We Missed You by saeglopur
Colour Blind by colour me perfect.
Love Like Winter by silk tea. and colour me perfect.
We Were Birds by towers
Ved'ma by alexander bernadotte
Soliloquy by towers
Pale by alexander bernadotte
Lament by towers
Fragility by alexander bernadotte
Aurora by towers
Half Moon Hotel by dawn of light
Clementine by scardog
The Saltwater Queen by o'malley cat.
When Night Comes by o'malley cat.
A Dangerous Dance by bless
Here With You by bless
Dig Up the Dead by o'malley cat.
Alright, that’s all I have for now. How is everyone’s year going so far? :) I've been trying to write more and try to finish these ficmixes for the winners of my contest, but I've been listening to one song on repeat and refuse to listen to anything else. -_-
January 31st, 2019 at 06:17am