Talk of Creating New OCs and Re-Using Old OCs

You know, Mibba, it's weird how a lot of my OCs that I came up with back in high school (or even way back in middle school) get reworked into new characters while I'm trying to bring them back. A good example is my character, Hana from Echoing Fears. Back in 2007 or 2008, I was deep in both the DC and Marvel fandoms, and I created this one character for Batman (and Static Shock) who was the daughter of Batman/Bruce Wayne and she could control plants and her name was Malley (some of you guys might remember her as Malley from my Batman fanfic, City of Fear--which no longer exists, sadly).

The first time I remade Malley was when I wrote City of Fear, which was inspired by me watching the Tim Burton Batman movies from the 80s and 90s, and of course the 2004 Batman cartoon. But the version of Malley in City of Fear didn't have plant-based characters. Instead, she was more like a female version of Robin (either Tim Drake--the third Robin or DIck Grayson--the first Robin).

The second time I remade Malley, it was on accident. I just started watching Young Justice and I really started liking Kaldur (not just because he was voiced by Khary Payton--the voice of Cyborg from the 2003 teen titans) and well, I initially wanted to reuse the idea of an OC of mine having plant-based powers. So, I created Hana. It wasn't until I started thinking that, "Hey, maybe Hana should be the daughter of Bruce Wayne," (the daughter of Bruce Wayne idea was scrapped) that I realized how much of the ideas I was using for the original idea of Malley that I was using for Hana. Though the only difference between Malley and Hana (besides their nationalities) is that Malley's powers were more the result of some kind of experiment that Poison Ivy did to her while Hana's are more natural because of the Meta-Genes mentioned in season 2 (Metagene is apparently what causes humans to have/gain superpowers much like the X-Gene in X-Men).

I still have all the ideas for Malley's story in my mind (amazingly) and a talk with VixL about batman, young justice, and creating OCs, made me think of how many of my OCs were reborn into new OCs.

So how many of your OCs (Original Characters) were remade into news in your fanfics?
February 9th, 2019 at 03:48am