Upcoming Stories

Just a place where I can keep track of my upcoming stories. Most, if not all, of my stories will be centered around K-Pop, specifically BTS, maybe Stray Kids, but mostly BTS.

-Vampire story featuring Bang Chan of Stray Kids & Yoongi of BTS
-YoonJin story(YoongixJin of BTS)
-YoonKook story(YoongixKook of BTS)
-JinMin story(JinxJimin of BTS)
-NamSeok story(NamjoonxHoseok of BTS)
-Taegi story(TaehyungxYoongi of BTS)

I also plan on finishing my OT7 story, Don’t Leave Me. The pairs mentioned above, with the exception of NamSeok and Taegi, are based on AUs I planned to write on Twitter but have decided to turn into chaptered stories.

Anytime I think of a story, or complete one of the above mentioned stories, I’ll come back here and add it(if it’s new)or mark it off, if it’s completed.
February 9th, 2019 at 05:46am