February Recs

okay so since i'm a bit behind on writing cup, I'm going to do a rec blog based off of my team from writing cup! + I updated a story tonight so i'm excited to share it! I finally had some inspiration to write and that's what happened. Also helps that my boyfriend left for the night so I was able to accomplish something.

Stand by Me by TheDevil'sHalo
--one of my favorite chicago fire fanfics. I love the show, and it's so lovely to find a story based on it! and even better there's a sequel! woo!

Murder by padme;
--if you don't like murder, abort mission. But this is one of my favorite stories on here, so check it out!

The Earl and the Witch by Othello
--i love stories written in letters and this didn't disappoint me one bit! It's different from my usual reads but i enjoyed it. update soon please!!

Serenditpity by Kim Wonshik.
-- I love the fact that this isnt like every other twilight fanfic out there. this is different and it stands out. that's what makes it so wonderful.

Masterpiece by ME.
--ok so I finally updated it tonight and the third chapter is great. I love it, and it's giving me ideas for the fourth chapter. It's a better rewrite of Consequences. I'm really excited to see where this takes me. feel free to check it out!

sorry this is so lame LOL, i'm tired and going to try to sleep soon!
February 9th, 2019 at 05:52am