Is This Real Life?

I was trying to keep my blogs to just talking about books, but it turns out I have a lot I want to say. I'm not sure how long this is going to be, but I'd like to break it down into sections. We'll see how that works, though lmao.

I'll break it up into Writing, Dating, Reading, and Work. If any of those interest you, read on! If not, bye?


I FINALLY WROTE SOMETHING!!! Yup, the first thing I've written since November 2018. I'm not horribly proud of it, but I liked it enough to post on Ao3, so I'm content. It was a little Vlad/Joss one-shot from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Zac Brewer. I'd like to do more fics from the series but the fandom is so small there's hardly any traffic through the fanfics so idk. I need validation, damn it!

I've also been considering restarting my NaNo '16 novel because I reworked it a bit in my head and even came up with a sequel idea. However, a few of the characters belong to my ex, so I don't know if it's morally wrong to use them even though full rights were given to me when I started writing the story?? It's a gray area and I'm not sure how to proceed. Maybe it's an idea that's best left in my head/unposted?

With the original train, I found a few face claims on Pinterest that I'd really like to use. It's just plots that I'm having a hard time with right now. We'll see what happens, though. Writing that one-shot felt so good and I really don't want to stop now. My goal for this year is 25k words. Definitely need writing buddies to keep me focused, though.


Is it true??? Is Zack dating??? Well, no. BUT I am talking to a girl and she's amazing? She's beautiful and sweet. My sister, Ash, met a girl named Allie on Instagram and they've been talking and met irl recently (I got to third-wheel because safety first), but they really hit it off and Allie introduced me to her best friend Katie. I'm meeting her in two weeks when Ash and I head down to Kentucky to spend the weekend there. We're planning a Marvel movie marathon, but I'd also like to introduce her to Supernatural if she hasn't watched it before. I'll convert her!


I was hoping to start the Cirque Du Freak series today since I got the call from Half-Price Books that the books I'd transferred had arrived. However, all of them EXCEPT books one, two, and three came. I have the rest of the series now except the ones I actually need to be able to start reading. I can't believe my luck on that.

I did manage to get the first three books of The Raven Cycle and the fourth should be arriving any day now, AND I found Call Me By Your Name at Target. I might start the latter until the first three books of CDF come in. It's a pretty short book tbh.

It sucks that I've had to put my reading on hold, but the last book I tried reading ended up putting me in a slump... Yeah, don't ever read Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. Terrible. I couldn't even finish it. I'll talk about it in my February wrap-up blog, but ugh. Don't waste your time on it.


Can I just talk about how great my job is? My supervisors are fucking great. We're constantly joking around with one another and they say I'm their favorite, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We insult one another (jokingly, obvs) and help one another out. I worked a 13-hour shift on Tuesday and it didn't even feel like all that time had passed??? One of the supervisors ended up ordering pizza so we took a 45-minute lunch and fucked around most of the time. I ended up with almost 50 hours this week. I would've gone over, but the higher-ups don't like temps to get that many hours.

It's just a really great job and I can't wait until I'm hired on as a full-time employee. Not only will my pay raise and benefits happen, but I also might be able to travel a little for job opportunities. So ready for that. I just really hope this job lasts because it's a blast.
And that's about it. I got a haircut today as well, based on Daniel Howell's hair. I've been wanting something different and was watching a few of his videos and, well, one thing led to another... I'm really liking it but there's a bunch of hair down my shirt and it itches like no other.

I'm out, though. Later!
February 10th, 2019 at 04:44am