My Kiyo Nakamoto (Anime-Based) Story Update

Kiyo Nakamoto only has about 64 chapters I believe poster on here; maybe less, but I'm still working on it. For those of you interested in the story I didn't want to leave any cliffhangers so I didn't post too much of the story. I am nearly finished with the 5th and possibly last season of the story. I only need 12 more chapters and I'm finished. I will reedit the entire story and cover up some plot holes and things and then I'll start posting them on here again. I really hope you all enjoy this story. I've been trying to write this for over 8 years and it's a big strange to be nearly done with it after all this time. I really hope it pays off and I hope you all enjoy it who are willing to give it a chance.

Kiyo Nakamoto is an action-adventure story. It starts off with a young 8 year old boy who's parents met their demise at the hand of a man possessing the abilities of a ghost. The boy awakens his ability of fire and trains for the the next 10 years of his life to get revenge and also find a magical gem, that grants the possessor any one wish, to wish his family back. During his travels he learns that there was more to the story than he knew about his "parents". He finds a crew and the 7 of them travel together to obtain their individuals goals and missions. His crew is made up of him, his sister seeking forgiveness after abandoning him as a child, an orphaned boy afraid of his truth and his power, a swordsman seeking to become a great leader, an infant-minded assassin woman, a fire-breathing fox, and a wind controlling Hawk.
February 11th, 2019 at 02:00am