The Lost Archives: My Very First Story

It's been a short bit since I've done a blog, but I couldn't sleep last night and an idea popped in my head. I remembered that I had a file on my computer that contained my very first works that weren't posted online for others to see and I thought I'd do a small series of blogs that talk about those stories, how I've improved over time, and amount of cringe that goes into what I wrote with those writings. I'm calling it The Lost Archives as these stories have been long forgotten, and just reading over them again surprises me because where I started has become much different from where I am today. This is going to be long since I'll be summarizing the cringe of these chapters.

The topic of our very first blog in this series is my very first story, The Chronicles (misspelled the whole time as Cronicles) of Kitty.

I've been writing since I was very little. When I was a child, I'd draw a lot and created a little super hero character called Super Kitty, who had a sidekick/boyfriend named Super Puppy. While Super Kitty isn't the character in the story I am going to talk about, I thought I'd mention that, a story about that character was actually the very first one I wrote that has been long lost on a computer that died long ago. Honestly, I don't remember the details of it since I was probably in the 5th or 6th grade at the time, but it was a short story about four pages long, and well before I knew how to properly space things and dialogue. It was a mess as it was probably one long paragraph that would give me a headache to read nowadays.

I started writing seriously when I was in the 7th grade, about 11 to 12 years old. I had this ratty yellow notebook that I carried with me, that began the saga of a character named Katina "Kitty" Magnolia. The story spanned about 19 chapters, about five pages each with the dialogue not spaced properly and at the time, I had a lot of confidence in it, but I'm sure we all do when we first start writing before we improve.

I was funny about people reading my writing. I didn't really want people I knew in real life to read what I wrote (I'm still like that today sometimes), but I did have a few trusted friends that I did loan my notebook out to, to read. I ended up typing the story out in 2011, and there are many pieces that were partially typed, but the full story is now lost forever. The notebook ended up ripped apart in an accident when a friend came over and wanted to read it, but I did want her to. Pages were torn out by me and I just ended up tossing the notebook because at the time, I knew by that point that the story was cheesy, full of cliches, and wasn't my best work.

Honestly, when I did start typing it out, I wanted to post it online because I started on Deviantart in 2011 when I was 12, about a month before I was the required age to make an account. I didn't though because I was working on other things and I started with them.

Back to my first story though, the story starts out where Kitty is in middle school. Within the first few paragraphs, I introduce two characters, CJ and Trina. CJ is Kitty's best friend that she's known since preschool and Trina is her arch enemy who causes trouble throughout the stories that I wrote. Within the first two pages, I rushed things horribly quick and CJ and Kitty decide they want to start dating and they do. At the time, I wanted a boyfriend, but no one liked me because I was awkward and shy so I used the story as an escape mechanism in a sense so that I could control a world that was different from my own.

After them officially dating, they kiss and decide to tell their parents who were divorced around the same time (cliche, I know). They go over to CJ's house the next day for dinner, CJ gives Kitty a diamond necklace (how could a middle schooler find such a thing), and their parents are happy for them once they give the news about their relationship. There's a turn of dramatic events where Kitty catches CJ kissing Trina at school one day and she throws an over-dramatic fit thinking that they're not dating anymore and he doesn't like her. Later she punches Trina in the face and breaks her nose, getting suspended from school for a few days, somehow resolving that conflict, and CJ proclaims his love for her at the end of the chapter, Kitty mentioning that it's true love.

I am cringing so hard right now. I won't go into detail with every chapter, but from here on, I'll mention a few events here and there about each one.

Second chapter, Kitty's mom, who happens to work with CJ's father is being transferred to a different state, and he's being transferred to the same place as well, thus Kitty and CJ's relationship can continue to be happy; they live next door to each other in the new city. Kitty happens to make a new enemy who apparently is Trina's cousin named Terri. Kitty's mom finds love with a new man that she works with within a day of being there named Rick. At school, Kitty makes a new friend named Jezzibelle (I have no idea why I chose this name) the next day. CJ's father starts dating a girl named Julie within two days of living there. There's a Valentine's Day dance coming up at school and apparently Jezzi's mother makes dresses so she has one made for Kitty within a very short time; the dance is the day of CJ's and Kitty's 6 month anniversary. Kitty's mother gets engaged to Rick after three days of living in the new city; apparently they had been talking on the internet to each other for the past year before moving. Before this comment is mentioned, Kitty throws out the line of, "But you've only been dating three days!" Jezzi's boyfriend kisses Kitty at the dance; CJ gets into a fist fight with him and gets a black eye and Kitty gets knocked out by one punch, trying to break up the fight. The chapter ends with another proclamation of love.

Chapter three is the end of the school year. Kitty's mom gets married a month after getting engaged, and when this chapter begins, her mother is three months pregnant with her future brother or sister. Her mother and her get a letter from Kitty's father who is in the Air Force, but he is still good friends with her mother...

I want to add onto this. My parents got divorced when I was 4 and they haven't spoken to each other in 11 years now. Dad would drop my sister and I off at her house on the visitation weekends and that was that. Again, trying to control a world that isn't my own...

CJ and Kitty go to dinner and apparently a 12 year old girl works at the restaurant. Jezzi has a new boyfriend named Jay. They later go on a double date together at the movies. There is so far three month long time skips in this chapter, one four month one. Their house in robbed after the four month time skip. Kitty's mother gives birth to a baby girl at the end of the chapter, Kitty picks the name Cassity.

Chapter four begins with CJ and Kitty finding an orange kitten that they name Trixie. CJ stays the night and Kitty's mother announces from nowhere that Rick, her, and Cassity are staying at her grandmother's for a week. Kitty has a nightmare one night that there's a car crash where her and CJ are hit while walking. When her mother returns she gives Kitty $100 from her grandmother because she hasn't seen her the past two years; her grandmother also strangely gives CJ $20. Kitty is in a car accident with Jezzi and her mother while going to the mall. CJ kisses Kitty while she's in the hospital and the chapter ends there.

Five. Kitty is in the hospital recovering from the accident doing some physical therapy since she broke her leg. CJ and Kitty go to a carnival/festival thing and something happens on the tunnel of love (it's very vague) and they get into a fight once they get back to the house. CJ punches Kitty during the fight (wow, toxic relationship much?). He kisses her to make up for it. Kitty's mom sees the bruise he left and Kitty makes up an excuse for it; her mom brushes it off as her being clumsy. Story ends with Kitty having a diamond ring (again, vague and not explained) and her and CJ find a special field in the woods where they spend time together.

Six, year time skip, Kitty is in the 10th grade, which doesn't add up time wise. Story starts with Jezzi, Jay, CJ, and Kitty swimming in a pond not far from the special field mentioned last chapter. Trixie the cat is sick so they have to take her to the vet, it turns out that she's pregnant with kitten from Jezzi's male cat named Terence. Kitty goes to the pond again to swim, but almost drowns when something holds her under the water; CJ gives her CPR to revive her. Insignificant details.... They go to another dance. Terri is dating Chaz, Jezzi's ex boyfriend, and he tries to kiss Kitty again, but she punches him. CJ punches him as well and Terri tries to pull a fast one and kiss CJ, but Kitty kicks her in the face. Terri screams that she's going to get her revenge.

Seven starts with nothing too exciting. Trixie has four kittens and Terence is lovey-dovey with the she-cat. They question what to do with the kittens after they name them and contemplate taking them to a shelter (*bangs head on keyboard* Why, Kayla? Why?) CJ wants him and Kitty to run away. Kitty is the rational one for five seconds, but agrees since CJ wants to go back to his original city to see his mom as he just got his license. Kitty writes a letter to her mother without telling her she's going. Her mother calls her angry, but Kitty tries to rationalize with her and slowly just says that if she thinks it's the right thing to do, she should do it (what the hell). It is revealed that CJ hasn't spoken to his mother in four years. CJ goes to his grandmother's house and it is revealed that his mother passed away two years ago; she passed away in a car accident. His grandmother gives him a box that his mother wanted him to have and they return back home.

Eight. The box is revealed to be full of the memories that CJ and his mom had over the years along with a letter she wrote (convenient, right?). At a hotel, they're robbed by a man who threatens to shoot Kitty after she rejects a kiss from him; he's mentioned to be in his late twenties. Cops come and arrest him. The couple get home and CJ's father asks if he saw his mom, to which he proclaims that she's been dead before explaining their adventure. They find an article about the robbery in the newspaper, the man is revealed to be 28 while Kitty is 15. They get called to the office the next day during school where the principal mentions that a woman who shares the same name as CJ's mother called and wants them to meet her at the field behind Kitty's house. The chapter ends with them meeting CJ's mother.

Nine. Year time skip; Kitty is a junior in high school; it's the end of the school year. This. Is. A. Clusterfuck. Kitty and CJ spend time with his mom, there is no mention of why she faked her death at this point. She threatens Kitty and warns her she better be nice to CJ. Kitty tells CJ she doesn't like his mother. They visit Jezzi and she proclaims that she's pregnant; her boyfriend doesn't know yet and she's upset. Jezzi tells Jay and he's okay with her; her mother runs off and tells Jezzi to stay with Kitty for a week. A few months time skip. Jezzi says she's having a girl and it's due a few days after Jay's birthday. Terri also claims that she's pregnant (16 and pregnant, right?). Time skip to December, they give Jezzi baby clothes as a Christmas present. Time skip to February. CJ and Kitty discuss what would happen if she was in that situation and CJ said he'd be overjoyed. Time skip to March where Jezzi is having her baby; Jay doesn't want to be in the room because he can't stand to watch (I'm banging my head on the keyboard again). Remember how I said this was a clusterfuck? Kitty announces that she too is pregnant. CJ's mother and Kitty get into a fight, she threatens to kill Kitty. CJ makes a gun magically appear and shoots his mother; she dies for real this time. CJ is put on trial and he's found not guilty for self-defense.

Ten. Kitty gives birth to a girl. They name her Lillian. They buy a house that's way too expensive for two high school graduates that have no mention of a job. Creepy guy from chapter eight robs their house; Kitty is protecting her baby and CJ knocks the guy out with a frying pan. Another newspaper article. Kitty tries to get rid of CJ's bruises with rubbing alcohol (Was I not educated?) He proposes two her. Six month time skip where they're married. Jezzi got married a month beforehand. CJ is currently in college. Terri, Trina and Kitty are friends? I'm confused. Kitty invites them over to her house. CJ is kissing Trina while half naked. Kitty throws another conniption fit like in chapter one. Kitty throws her wedding ring at him and threatens to leave. She stays, makes CJ sleep on the couch for two weeks before telling him he can sleep with her again. Proclamation of love. Chapter end.

Chapters 11 through 16 are lost forever, but here's what I half remember. Somewhere along the lines, creepy guy breaks in again at one point, I think... that their daughter dies along the way, as she is kidnapped and killed by the creepy guy and his girlfriend, Kitty takes a young girl named Isabel into their their though she's not much younger than her and CJ; she takes care of her. Isabel runs away with a boy to another state. Kitty starts having supernatural visions of some sort. She also has another daughter with CJ named Missy... That's about it.

Seventeen is a partial, but this is what is there... Isabel running away is mentioned. Kitty's mother finds her husband cheating and apparently he has six other kids not counting Cassity. They get divorce. Kitty's mother and father reconnect so they decide to get remarried. Cassity is nine at this point and there is mentions of Lillian's passing. Kitty admits that she misses her and Isabel while talking to her half-sister. Kitty has another child at this point named Derrick. She runs into Jay, but that's the end of the partial.

Eighteen is a full chapter and fills in some of the blanks on the partial; it's also fucking weird. Kitty found out in seventeen that Derrick is not CJ's child, but Jay's. CJ has Kitty write down what's bothering her since she won't say it aloud. Something had happened at Jezzi's house during the lost chapters where Kitty got pregnant by Jay. CJ gets mad and storms out. Kitty has to go pick CJ up from a bar because he gets drunk, but while they're driving home, she gets in a car accident and blacks out. She wakes up in a bed with Jay where she asks him what he's doing there and he says that she's his wife. Kitty thinks it's a prank of some sort, but it's revealed that in this weird chapter that Jezzi is married to CJ and Kitty is with Jay (Husband swap). Kitty runs into Jezzi and CJ at the store the next day, but it doesn't appear that they're friends anymore in this weird place and Kitty asks if she can talk to CJ later; he agrees and they exchange phone numbers. During the call, it is revealed that during the 10th grade, her and CJ broke up because his mother came and took him away back to their original city and she started dating Jay, leading into the timeline where they are now. CJ says she misses Kitty as he hasn't seen her in three years, but Jezzi is screaming on the other line, asking who he is talking to and he hangs up the phone. Jay and Kitty talk about the timeline that she lives in, he seems to understand in some retrospect and she mentions they have a son in her timeline; they kiss. Kitty misses her timeline, her house with Jay is robbed (What is with all the robberies?) it is revealed to be creepy guy and his girlfriend who has some mystical fire powers. Kitty punches her and knocks her out; cops come and arrest the two. Kitty reminisces with Jay and asks how they met in the timeline. They had met when he asked her to go to the Valentine's Day dance that was mentioned in the second chapter. They fell in love, got married and she later found out that CJ and Jezzi were dating, but they weren't friends so they weren't invited to the wedding. She cries; Jay comforts her. She figures out that she's pregnant in the timeline that she's in, why she didn't realize this sooner, I don't know. She asks Jay if she seems like the same person he met years ago, he says that he likes this version of her better. Jay refers to her as Kit most of the time and she asks why he calls her that where he mentions that calling her Kitty made her think of CJ so he just called her Kit instead. Jay and Kitty receive a package of baby clothes from his mother, but his mother died a few weeks beforehand and Jay gets mad by Kitty asking so many questions because she has no idea what's going on in this timeline up until the point of her appearing in it. Kitty starts crying, Jay apologizes. Chapter ends with some unexplained confusing mystical stuff that I'm still trying to process, but it honestly ended up as the inspiration for the next story I'm going to cover here.

Chapter nineteen isn't enough detail for me to write a summary so I'm going to end this long blog with a recap of my thoughts. I had to explain the details in order to make the recap make sense.

I. Did. Not. Know. What. I. Was. Doing. As I mentioned in a brief comment, this story was and is a clusterfuck of many, many things thrown together. The plot line was very rushed as I didn't know how to properly pace stories at the time and that is an issue that I still continue to deal with to this day, but hey, I've improved. During this time of this story, I was just writing to write and coming up with ideas and details that I thought no one would have seen before, but a lot of it is a cliche. It was an okayish story for the first time of me writing something serious, but there's just so many things thrown back and forth that it's hard to keep up with the story line especially with all of the time skips that go back and forth. I feel like I wanted a lot of drama, and those of you who were former cowriters, or people who read my co-writes I throw in a lot of details at once to just keep the story rolling.

So, why I give up on my first story? I found other things to write, more supernatural things. I did a story called Spirit Chasers that'll be my next topic when I have time. Like I said, it was pretty good for my first time writing something, but I'm glad I've improved over time.

If you've made it this far in the first Lost Archives blog, I appreciate it. I'll have more coming soon.

Thanks for reading,

Kayla V
February 11th, 2019 at 11:05pm