It's Cold

Ok I live in southern Arizona, it gets to like 110 on average in the summer and stays in 60s during the winter. BUT I'M COLD. IT'S LIKE 40 DEGREES RIGHT NOW AT 2PM. My poor short-haired dog needs to wear a sweater when we go to the park now, and even then he likes to sit on peoples' laps for their warmth lol.

Not that I want it to be hot again but, like, can we chill (heh) with this weather?

Though I would like some rain (you know you're from Arizona when you absolutely love rain lol) please and thank you.

Updates on life, uh Cancun was an absolute BLAST. Like I miss it and it's been almost 3 weeks now. It was just such a nice getaway with my best friends. The weather was perfect, swimming and lying on the beach was perfect, our literal 6 meals a day were perfect...IT WAS ALL PERFECT.

I currently don't have a March vacation planned but I might stick to within Arizona for that. Maybe I'll wrangle up some people to do a road trip to Sedona or Flagstaff. I haven't been to either in a hot minute!

Oh my new nephew was born on January 28! He's a cutie and his big brother (though over a year old) looks like a big boy in comparison. I cry at all the photos lol. But I think they're all coming to visit next month, so that'll be a fun thing to look forward to.

I decided I'm done with dating for the time being. I realized I need to focus more on trying to get a new job, my writing, my friends, my dog. Like I actually want to be single now, which is different to my attitude for the past 2 years. Always wanted to find a person to make me feel better, which is stupid lol. So that's that. I had to let down a guy from Hinge because of that though. He did not take it well lol. He was so offended because I'm apparently the 2nd girl in a row that dropped him because we were/are planning on moving. Like get over it, buddy. We only talked for a week, never met, and he displayed a lot of red flags whilst talking (like planning all these future dates and just all around being too intense). He hit me up so many times since, the last being Sunday. He asked if I still would be down to go out with him because he liked talking to me. Like no, homie, I told you I wasn't dating right now. Take the message and go.

I also creeped him on Facebook and boy oh boy he was not cute. idk what made me accept his like on Hinge lol. Not to be so rude but like all these red flags of him being too needy and intense and then being some dorky lookin' pasty dude with braces just doesn't scream desirable to me lol (I still am dumbfounded as to how I did not see that on his profile LOL like wut).

Let's be real, if a woman sent 3 texts in a row, all with no answer after being told the other person didn't want to date, we'd be branded as crazy. But men do it and it's totally fine and not weird as hell. EYEROLL.

Anywho, leaving (one of) the best news for last: YA GIRL FINISHED WONDERLAND. On Sunday. I mean it's only the first draft with no edits or revisions but STILL, IT'S FINISHED. 37 chapters, 87k words, and only took me a year and 2 months lol (sarcasm because I was supposed to finish in October lol oops). But I'm super excited. I'm going through it now so fix what I can spot and make the revisions I know I need to make, then I'm sending it off to my saving grace, Vic, for editing. And one of my other friends also offered to edit as well as make the cover for the physical copy, which is surreal AF lol.

With that being said, I think I actually am going to take it off of here. Mainly because the edits and revisions I already made are the beginning (aka what I have posted), so they gotta be reposted anyway. But since it's all done, what's even the point lol. So sorry if you read it, you'll still have a chance once I ~publish~ it (still weird lol).

I also do plan on continuing The River and the Sea. Just got distracted lol, but it'll be written, I swear!

Anyways, I think that's all I got. How are you all doing?
February 19th, 2019 at 10:37pm