Computer Problems [SOS]

Hello guys. I really need your help. My friend's laptop won't fuction properly.

First of all, her laptop has two users. The first one is the master and when I try to see the files via windows, I can't go inside the folder of the user to copy paste the files I had stored there to the user we are using now. It's asking for a password and when I type it, it accepts the password but the system won't operate in order to open the file. For your information, the windows we have are windows 7.

We can't download any programms via internet in order to fix the state of the laptop which is unknown.

I'm also trying to uninstall the programms that were trial versions and not needed now but the same problem occurs. It asks for the password used in the other user because it was the master and when the password is typed the system won't operate in order to uninstall the program.

I'm trying to defragment the hard disk and it keeps asking for the passowrd, yet the operating system won't work. The same goes for the repair tool under the defragment option.

You can't create a new user and the older user which we want to unlock says its empty instead of having the stuff we are looking for inside.

Any thoughts?
March 10th, 2019 at 06:10pm