Blog Challenge || Post Five

I'm back because I can be! I'm so happy to be able to post on Mibba when ever I want. I'm able to tip-tap-tap away on my bedroom floor, blanket draped over my shoulders, Forensic Files on the TV while sucking down a Cherry Coke and smoking on a little roach (I'll get back to that).

I've been having a great few days, even though I'm broke again. Tax season sure does take a long time to get here but BOY does it pass quickly. We got a new car so I'm not trolling around as much in the beater my dad is letting me borrow. Now, don't get me wrong. I am eternally grateful to my dad but when its raining and the windows don't go up so you get soaking wet on the way to work, there is something wrong. I also took my daughter to the doctor today and she's doing amazing. She's short, fat and has a big head so her nickname of fatty cakes is well suited.

Post Five: If I Won The Lottery

I have frequently thought of what I would do with the money if I won the lottery. As many broke people do.

Firstly, I would pay off all my debts and my fiance's debts so we can be clean slates. I would then pay off all my dad's loans so he wouldn't have to worry about paying a car payment or a mortgage. Then, I would buy a house. Not a huge house, but something comfortable for me and my kids. I envision something like this, large with enough room but not a mansion. And I would pay it all off upfront along with 30 years of the property taxes so I wouldn't have to worry about ever NOT having a home again.
After that I would buy two new cars. Brand new, zero-mile, just off the factory floor, cars. One for me and one for my fiance, again nothing crazy fancy but I can pay for both of those up front cash and get two amazing cars for 80k. I would then pay for my kids college, put the money away into a fund, like 100k each and make it so they accrue interest. That way there is always enough money, they will literally be able to be anything.
After I get us all situated, I would put my fiance's grandma and grandpa into the best nursing home I could. His grandpa is very sick from a combination of long-term, out of control diabetes and all its accompanying problems, Dementia, Parkinson's, and most recently, pneumonia and his grandma is overwhelming with taking care of him on her own (the family helps as much as they can). At least then she doesn't have to have the weight of the world on her shoulders and be able to spend the rest of the time she has with him actually being able to spend time with him instead of taking care of him.
After all that I would pay for my dream wedding. I would get my dream dress, regardless of the dress consultant saying that I'm too busty for lace, and I would have it up in the mountains. I would fly my family from Rhode Island in so they could be there and pay for their hotels, car rentals and anything else they needed so there was nothing they had to worry about. I would also try to convince my aunt to stay here (she's divorcing her abusive husband and is freaking out about how she'll take care of herself and doesn't like the cold anyways). I would get her a house or a condo or whatever she wanted, whereever she wanted so she can see her grandneice and grandnephew whenever she wanted.
Finally, I would own cat sanctuary. This is not the first time I've even mentioned this idea. I would buy some land out near my house so I didn't have to travel far, several acres of land and upgrade the building to something state of the art with kitty condos to the ceiling and special shelves that would double as walkways for the little babies. They could come and go as they please but they would always have a home in my kitty house. I would hire several people as employees and we would do rescue work and save the E-List kitties no one wants until they get famous on the internet. I would make sure they got the medical care they needed and network them until they could get adopted into a good home or they could live there for all of the rest of their nine lives.
I would save the rest to be honest. Like, yeah, there would be a lot of frivolous spending but the above listed only equals 2M ON THE VERY HIGH END and the rates the lottery winnings have been going I could end up with 15 times that. As long as I saved several million me and my kids could be set up for life as long as I invested wisely and didn't spend money on stupid shit. Even when I have a few thousand dollars, it physically hurt to spend money on things, even the smallest little candy bar. My mentality (anxiety, penny pinching psyche, whatever you want to call it) kept saying in the back of my mind "What if you need that dollar fifty in two weeks. Do you really need that candy?"
March 12th, 2019 at 05:43am