Unsent Letter: AKP (3.13.19)

I'm currently sitting in the activities center writing this as I ignore my phone, hoping I'll see a notification from you the next time I pick it up. Throughout the course of the quarter I've gotten to know you very well and may have slightly fallen for you. The first few weeks were fun. It felt like a connection, and I want to keep it going, but I'm scared it feels forced. My heart aches when you leave practice early, or when I know you're not going to run through. I joined the showcase to meet new people, but I never expected to click with someone like yourself. Honestly, you have been of the defining people of my experience with this showcase, if not my college career. You allowed me to rediscover the passion and my love for music. I was ecstatic when we went to get kbbq that day, and proceeded to visit two different ice cream shops. My heart sunk when I heard you had a boyfriend, and when I heard you were skipping on the party that weekend. I thought it was all lost, but then you drunk texted and called me, and I became infatuated in that moment. To be thought of when people can't think straight. I'm looking forward to spending the first few weeks of the next quarter/semester with you. I'm just scared of what might happen after. I'm pathetically trying to force spring break plans to spend as much time with you as possible.
March 13th, 2019 at 08:52pm