Creative Projects, Prime Queues, and Childish Gambino? Sure.

Winter semester has been a strain, not because my classes are difficult, just that I went into it somewhat depressed and have been tired for the duration. Also, I am not Winter's biggest fan, and this one has seemed needlessly long and unusually dark.
Anyway, I'm doing finals right now and I'm seriously excited for Spring break.

I have ten days between semesters and I'm capitalizing on all of them.

Over the winter I have been compiling a lot of creative projects and I'm about to implement a big one, so I will be happily busy with all that that entails.
I've also designed a bunch of side projects and I'll be working on those as well. In short, I'm going to have some pretty exciting updates in the near future.

As an incentive to be creative, I've geeked out and purchased a couple of Draplin Design Co. "Feild Notes", which if you're from the Northwest and are into graphic design will make sense, but otherwise probably not... Anyway, they are really cool vintage design graph books, and I'm using them to hold design ideas.

Speaking of ideas, I had the great idea to draw Childish Gambino and then had no time to finish him. So, I aim to complete that over break. Honestly, I've been on a Gambino kick, I can't stop listening to "Redbone" and "Terrified", it's becoming a problem.

Some other, more random, things I hope to do over break are;

1) Finish the last two episodes of Taboo.
I'm an unrepentant Tom Hardy fan, and this series capitalizes on everything that makes him one of the most interesting actors to watch. Gah, I might end up writing a review after I'm finished.

2) Watch Moonlight.
That film has been sitting on my watchlist for months and I've been dying to see it.

3) Thoroughly clean my room.
It's not dirty it's just messy and I honestly cannot stand that.

4) Thoroughly clean my HOUSE. All of it.
Again, this is mainly because I like to, and yeah. I'm weird, I get that.

That is basically all I can think to say at the moment.

March 14th, 2019 at 05:39pm