People I Enjoy Writing Part Two

Now that I'm not dead tired, and actually have inspiration this one will be longer. Its just I'm on my phone and it just gets annoying sometimes, haha. But this one will be much longer and will have more fandoms! I'm also going with one gif per person / character this time!

part one ยท

Well, here we go!

Toni Storm

Although I've only written one thing with her, I had a lot of fun writing her! I have more planned for her, and I'm excited.

Charlotte Flair

She's one of my favorite wrestlers in general, so it's always fun to write her! I just love her as a heel (bad guy) and it's always fun to write her in that persona.

Becky Lynch

I love "The Man" (that's her gimmick!!) I love writing for her, but her character right now has turned me off from writing Charlynch (Charlotte Flair/Becky Lynch), its just too much. But I still enjoy writing Becky x Reader / Becky x OFC! She's a favorite of mine to write as well because I love both heel and face (good guy) Becky!!

Emily Nelson

She was my favorite in A Simple Favor! I don't write hee as much as I did. (I have two things planned with her in them). But she's a favorite to write nonetheless.

Lou Miller

She was one my favorite character in Ocean's 8, and so when I write for her its always fun. I still have my one fic to work on with her and I have something planned with her in it! Her character was great, and I just love her.

So this was it for part two! I plan on making more of these as O go on, and I hope you enjoyed!!
March 15th, 2019 at 01:44am