A Rant About Quick Lifestyles and Education


Let me be perfectly clear. I am not here to provide fantastic information or parade around my fascinating, interesting life(if i had one). I am clearly just trying to understand my limitation and trying to understand if I am provoking life limitations on myself. I feel like I take a lot of time wishing I could get to an expectable level that is beyond my grasp but I will not dare to indulge myself in the process to get there.

Am I like every other 27 year old that hits the peek of their life where they are told to do more? I may. I have been told I lack in several subjects. I may lack in all, but I do try to get to my acceptable confort zone before I black out and believe I need to move beyond my capabilities. My career is in a direction I believe is acceptable. I at least finished college at 25 and branched out to a career the moment I was handed my diploma. I just whole heartedly believe I am trying to move to fast. I do not feel like the only one either, but why? Why is society faced with the pressure of fast pace success?

My question is for whoever, if anyone, who is reading this post is; What is your definition of success? What is an acceptable age to have children to you? What age do you believe is socially acceptable to finish college and find a bountiful paycheck? I think the problem with society now is that we see young people succeed in ways we did not. Youtuber have millions of dollars as teenagers and as human beings we compare our livelihood to theirs. They have pressures of their own, do not get me wrong, but what we face in everyday life is far differ than what they would face indubitably. From Jeffery Star to Shane Dawson, you get the idea that maybe a "what if" career could become obtainable without the pressures tucked away. We think it is indifferent what their stress and pressure plays in video content and think about the positives of what money can do to improve our lives. I think the hardest thing to grasp is undoubtably the condescendence money plays in our lives. Would we really want to parade in front of a camera to make an extra buck if money was not induced in the equation? Maybe. But if the world paid teachers and service people that type of money would we shift our attention to those careers instead of trying to be a Youtuber?
I also think there is an unachievable age range we give for upcoming graduates. There is a lot of pressure to make a decision on your career exceptionally young, but also an unattainable pressure to have experience in a field you do not even know you want. Is it right to be asking children who are four or five what they want to do in college? I believe not. By the time I hit sixteen I had seven or eight different directions I thought was suitable for my skills and level of confidence. By the time I was in college, I decided I wanted to be in another four career paths. It is almost as if you are being squeezed in several different direction without understanding the true passion you may have. There are many people I have talked to in my years that changed career paths after finishing college. I have known people who went back to college at twenty-seven because the training they developed was impractical to have. I always tell people to avoid careers that have a narrow pathway unless you know what you want. If you want to be an ER Nurse, that is fine. If you are like me who went to college to gradually increase your likelihood of finding a career, you may want to stick with a degree more broad. That being said, many college students are not told that and wind up in degrees that lands them into terrible debt and are put into jobs where people without a degree may land. I did. But experience trumps education. If you do not agree I understand why. I take my 30,000 dollars of debt to heart every time I hear the sentence, "You are not ready."After many years of cramming every test and late nights of homework, I believe I am ready. However, maybe not as ready as I think. I may be ready to recite the definition of business, but I can not tell you what my company is mathematically programming to get the percentage of customers to be involved in their business. I can give you maybe the formula, but at large I have not had the experience to even say I would be qualified. However, how is that possible after four hard years?

It may be the lack in confidence. I am a female who is already categorized lower than a white dominated male. So, I can not say predominantly where it comes from. I will not get into how geographically and ethically degrees can make an impact because there are a lot of variable that can be calculated into that. However, not having the chance out of college to intern for a company is not particularly right either. If you are young in college, be an intern. I do not stress enough how important this step is. As a past student who studied aimlessly for a career, interning could be your way of making it into a career you wouldn't of imagined. Plus, it helps you realize if that career is what you thought. If you are out of college you are likely to be squished into the average work field in order to build up your name the moment you leave. You have to start somewhere, that may be true, but if you start early you will be able to get the career you want later on.

I thank you for whoever reads this and I hope you can get something from my argument. I do want to say, this is not factual. I am voluntarily voicing my opinions at three O'clock in the morning in order to have a chance to write before my girlfriend wakes up in approximately two hours. However if you have something to add please feel free to comment and let me know what your opinion is on this matter.

Thank you everyone. I hope you have a wonderful night or morning.

March 15th, 2019 at 09:23am