Another Thought

I decided recently I was going to evolve my mind and my body. I have felt for a few years the aches and pains of adulthood and being overweight is not something I prefer. I just am ready for a good cup of coffee and a sunrise to wake me up; while I am provided the enlightenment I am in search for.

Having dogs has created the urgency for movement but the constant battle with perfection and anerexious anxiety has caused me to immobilize myself. My life right now is imperfect but I could not ask for a better one. I however am imbetween the nagging urge to have children or be a twenty-one year old forever age. So my lack of responsibility is rather indolguged with the dogs and my apartment.

I just wanted to post again and hopefully I can provide another rant upon your shoulders or just let you know how my mind is ticking.

I will be back.

March 15th, 2019 at 05:25pm