Pilot Script for a Zombie Story I'm Writing

Here is a one chapter story I wrote. Tell me what you guys think. Would this be a story you'd be interested in reading? Please let me know. :) Also It's unedited so there will be a lot of grammar mistakes. Please try to ignore those as best you can.

(Tick-tock non-stop goes the clock. The woman places her pen on paper and impatiently writes and writes. Her green eyes look over at the clock ticking then she continues to rapidly glide her pen across the paper. Someone enter the room but she continues to write and write and emphasize her breathing. Something creeps closer behind her and stretches its arm out to her from behind. The arm grabs her shoulder and calls out her name as she snaps out of her gaze.)

Female Doctor: Caitlyn, hey, sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you again. You got a call from your daughter’s school. Apparently your daughter got into a fight with another student and someone got bit or something. I can’t exactly remember but the principal did seem hysterical the situation.

Caitlyn: Ugh darn it, Jamie. (Aggressively sighs) Why can’t you stay out of trouble? (Covers her face with her palms)

Female Doctor: I know; kids can be rough. (Looks down at the paper in Caitlyn’s lap) You finally writing that letter huh? It’s about time you made up with your sister before she- passes.

Caitlyn: Tch, yeah… Yeah, once again I’ve gotta be the one doing the making up, not her. (Crumbles up paper and tosses it toward the trashcan)

Female Doctor: (Smiles at her) It doesn’t really matter who does it, just as long as there’s peace between you two, right?

Caitlyn: I guess… Is that principal still on the line?

(A few moments later, Caitlyn is seen standing behind a desk in the middle of the hospital hallway taking the call from her daughter’s school.)

Caitlyn: Yes, sir, I do understand this is her 4th fight this month, but I think she’s lashing out. With all the double’s I’ve been pulling here at the hospital, she just hasn’t been getting enough attention at home. (The principal speaks for a few seconds) Yes, sir; I understand. I’ll be there to pick her up as soon as I can.

Principal: I’m sorry, Ms. Green, but we need you to come down immediately. Your daughter bit another student until the other student was bleeding. She-

(The phone suddenly goes silent.)

Caitlyn: H-hello?

(The principal sits in his office tapping his phone against the desk trying to get a signal.)

Principal: Hello? Hello, Ms. Green?

(There are three bangs on his door, followed by a hysterical teacher walking in.)

Teacher: Sir, something serious just happened, we need to get a hold of the authorities now!

Principal: (Jumps out of his chair) What happened?!

Teacher: It’s the school nurse, she-

(The nurse lets out a deep-pitched groan and takes a big chomp out of the teacher’s neck. The blood shoots out all over the floor of the office and on the principal’s clothes and face. The insane nurse pulls the teacher out into the hall and tosses her to the ground. The principal rushes to the door and the nurse looks over at him with blood all over her mouth and shoulder and a savage look of blood lust in her eyes. She charges at him and he quickly closes the door before she gets to him. The nurse bangs on the door a few times but he continues holding it shut with the weight of his body. After A Few more bangs, she stops. The nurse lets out a few loud screeches followed by the teacher outside screaming in agony.)

[Trailer park outside the city]

(Out in the middle of the forest outside the city, multiple trailer homes are seen parked near each other in a small area. A shirtless man with his shirt off is finishing up some eggs in a skillet. He dumps the eggs in a blue plastic bowl rinsed out from the sink and tosses it on the table in front of a half-naked young girl barely conscious.)

Kurt: Hey, get up; your breakfast is done! (Walks back into the kitchen)

Raven: (Moans in agony) What is it, baby…?

Kurt: Scrambled eggs. Eat up; it’ll help you with that hangover.

Raven: (Pushes herself as hard as she can to sit up on the couch) It’s not too bad. I’m actually more tired than hung over. (Rubs her eyes and yawns)

Kurt: Yeah well your father called up here again causing trouble and he said he’s on his way here to see you?

Raven: What?! Ugh! That man needs to realize he’s not my father nor does he dictate my life. This is my life and if I want-

Kurt: Raven! Shut up. Look you tell him that, not me. I don’t care. I just want him away from us. We left town to get away from him for a reason and I don’t want him back here. Deal with him!

Raven: (Sincere) Okay, Kurt.

(Kurt rushes to the back of the trailer with his bowl of eggs and loudly slams the door, slightly frightening Raven. There are 4 knocks at the door.)

Man: Raven! Raven, you in there; it’s your dad! Open up! (Bangs 4 more times)

Raven: Ah, dang it!

(Raven quickly rushes to the door and storms out of it to confront her father.)

Raven: Are you crazy?! Why are you banging on my door like that?! You’re gonna upset Kurt!

(The man can’t help but stand there speechless at his daughter barefoot in the mud wearing boxers too short for her and a skimpy white muscle shirt.)

Peter: Why are you dressed like that…? Look at you… and when was the last time you bathed?!

Raven: There is nothing wrong with what I’m wearing and even if there was, who cares?! This is my life, Peter! I chose to live like this! I wanted this life! I am free and I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to answer to anyone every time I need to pee! I ran away from home to get away from you and mom because of how you treat me. I’m no longer under your roof so you have no right not come here dragging me back!

Peter: Your mother and I gave you a good home. We raised you as best we could, taught you manor, respect, and treated you with unconditional love. We raised you to be ambitious and always strive for more in life, not dress up like a wench and live out in a trailer with some dope dealer. (Creeps closer to her and places both his bandaged and un-bandaged hands on her shoulders) Please, Raven, things at home can be different, but your mother needs you. You’re killing her and she’s really worried about you. You’re only 17 years old; you don’t know what the world is really like.

(Raven calmly backs away from Peter to prevent from snapping at him too bad. She takes in a deep breath and tries to remain calm.)

Raven: I don’t care how old I am, I’m not going back home with you and if you try to force me, I’ll run away again and you will never find me. If you come around here again, I might not be the one at the door. So you leave and you don’t come back. I’m sorry about mom, but you’re not supportive of the life I choose so therefore you’re not important to me anymore.

(The door is kicked open and a shot is fired through the air from a 12 gauge shotgun. Kurt comes rushing out of the trailer with a bloody nose. He wipes it with this arm then points his gun at Peter.)

Kurt: Now I’d get out of here if you know what’s best for you. You a’int welcome anywhere near my property, so I suggest you get before I send you home with a hole in your chest.

Peter: This is the kind of person you want to be around, Raven…? Look at him; you think he offers you love? He’s threatening to kill the only man who ever called you his daughter and made sacrifices to keep you safe.

(Kurt gets closer and blasts a round at the ground near his feet.)


(Raven furiously, pulls the gun away from Kurt and kicks him in his knees as hard as she can, sending him to the ground.)

Raven: (Holding her right ear with anger) If you’re gonna shoot a gun, how about you make sure it’s not right IN MY EAR! Ah that hurt!

Kurt: (Struggles to get up) Sorry, babe. I wasn’t thinking. Ah…

Peter: (Take a moment to feel the reality of the situation) I’m out of here, but just make sure you keep her happy and safe.

Kurt: Shut up old man before I hurt you for real this time.

Peter: (Nods his head in disappointment) I’m outta here then. Sorry I couldn’t be here sooner. (Wipes his mouth with his bandaged hand and walks away)

(Peter walks passed Raven and she takes a quick moment to think and humble herself.)

Raven: Hold on. (Sighs)

(Raven turns to Kurt and hands him back his gun.)

Raven: Kurt, go back inside, please; I’ll be right there in a moment.

Kurt: You sure ba-

Raven: Go! I’ll be there in a minute.

(Kurt glances over at Peter then her, and gives Raven a big juicy inappropriate kiss across her face. He gives Peter a vengeful glance as he continues to kiss her for another 3 seconds. He then firmly grasps his shotgun and walks back inside the trailer home. The two remain silent another few seconds before turning to face each other.)

Raven: (Shrugs) So we gonna talk or what? Can we- go somewhere like a diner or something? We can sit there and talk.

Peter: Sure. I’d really like that.

Raven: You’re taking me out though and I’m not asking.

Peter: That’s fine, honey.

Raven: Well, let’s get going then.

(In an alleyway two police officers throw a handcuffed insane lady of the night in the back of the police car. The two of them both get into the car in front of her and proceed to drive off toward the street.)

Hooker: You cops suck! I bet you two enjoy shoving your nightsticks up each other’s backsides when no one’s looking!

Ronnie: (Bangs the cage with his nightstick) Shut up back there before we stuff a ball gag in your mouth and give you a reason to scream. (Laughs and continues driving)

Rookie: (Nervous) I don’t think we can talk to the suspects like that, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Listen, Rookie, we can talk to the “suspects” however we like. We’re the law and we have the authority. You’ll learn.

Hooker: (Teases) Ooh, so the one in the passenger seat is the submissive. Careful, little fish, the big guy here might snap you like a twig. I bet he’d give you a whole new meaning of the word partner.

Ronnie: Get back and shut up! This s your last warning, criminal!

Hooker: Or what; you’re gonna punish me? Mmm, keep talking like that and I might start to like you.

(Ronnie slams on breaks and the hooker smashes her face against the middle bar.)

Hooker: (Goes crazy) YOU FREAKING PIG! I’m gonna jam my high heels so far up your hole!

(She continues throwing a tantrum and kicking the doors and windows with her heels while yelling incomprehensible words. Ronnie gets out the police car distraught and confused by what he sees. Seconds later, his rookie partner gets out from the driver side and looks out in terror. The two can’t help but to ignore the whiny screams of the woman in the car. Both Ronnie and his rookie partner Mitch look out in devastation at the massive wreckage of cars and trucks crashed into one another extending about 4 blocks. Some vehicles are crashed into some of the telephone poles and houses in the area and streaks of blood decorate the streets. There are a few people roaming in the maze of vehicles but they all seem to be disoriented do to the devastating crashes.)

Ronnie: Mitch, Mitch, call this in right now! Hurry up!

Mitch: Yeah! (Rushes to the radio in the car)

(Suddenly, Ronnie hears groaning beside him and he looks over to see a woman with a bleeding leg wound limping toward him from out of a building that has been crashed into.)

Ronnie: Ma’am! Ma’am, are you okay?! Ma’am?!

(She ignores him and continues limping toward him. Ronnie gets an uncomfortable feel when looking into her odd colored eyes and he raises his hand to her and puts his hand on his gun holster.)

Ronnie: Alright, lady, I’m gonna need you to step back. I’ve gotta ensure my safety first before I can get any closer to you so back away.

(She continues walking slowly toward him and he backs away slowly while preparing to pull out his gun.)

Ronnie: Lady, you got 3 seconds to freeze where you are or I’m gonna have to draw my weapon. 1… 2… 3-

(The woman gets about 7 feet from him then charges at him while screaming. Ronnie pulls out his gun and attempts to let off a shot at her but the gun jams for three trigger presses.)

Ronnie: Dang it, the safety!

(The woman jumps on Ronnie and tackles him to the ground. He begins yelling and Mitch quickly rushes out to help him. He throws the deranged woman off of his partner and checks to make sure he’s okay. Ronnie is holding the front of his palm as he leaks blood.)

Ronnie: Shoot her! SHOOT HER!

(Mitch takes out his pistol, takes the safety off and shoots her in the chest without warning. She stops moving and making sound altogether. Mitch helps his partner up to his feet and tries to check out his partner’s hand but he aggressively pulls away from him.)

Ronnie: (Angry) Go check on that civilian! (Walks toward the police car) Stupid broad bit me!

(Mitch turns around to look at the woman he just shot and her body is gone. He turns back around toward the car and instantly she’s in his face with her jaws wide open. He yells and puts his gun up to block her and her teeth chomp on the barrel of his gun. She continues to bite at the gun in an attempt to get him unknowingly knows her efforts are useless. He yells out and within a few short moments, she’s shot three times in her back by Ronnie. She turns around and yells at Ronnie while she limps over toward him. A bullet is put through the back of her head and her falls to the ground like a rag doll.)

Ronnie: That chick took 5 shots! I’ve never met a person alive who could handle that.

Mitch: (Breathing heavily) Cocaine’s one heck of a drug. Should we look for survivors or should we get to a hospital?

(Mitch and Ronnie look over at the crashed-in building and see three more crazed individuals limping out towards them.)

Mitch: Forget the nut jobs; let’s get out of here.

(The two of them both rush back into their vehicle and drive off.)

[Hospital parking lot]

(Caitlyn is backing her car out of the parking lot of her empty hospital. After a short while, she’s seen driving down the street of her empty town when suddenly a hysterical man runs out into the street and stands in front of her car with a black object pointed at her. Caitlyn lets out a scream and quickly slams on her breaks. Her car comes to a sudden stop and he fires off a shot from his pistol and puts a hole dead-center in the middle of her windshield. He quickly runs toward the driver seat while continuing to aim his black pistol at her.)

Man: Get out of the car. Get out the car right now!

(He opens the door and point the gun right to her head. All she can do is scream and whimper in fear for her life as the man yells at her with an enraged tone.)

Man: Shut up! Get out of the car right now before I blow your head off, lady!

(Caitlyn has her hands up over her head. She shivers and looks down toward the ground afraid of what’s going to happen next. She closes her mouth to stop screaming and looks down toward the ground to avoid looking at the gun any longer.)

Caitlyn: Don’t shoot me, please.

Man: (Trying to keep his patience) Get out of the car…

Caitlyn: I have a daughter. She’s only 8 years old.

Man: (Beginning to lose patience) Get out of the car…

Caitlyn: If you just let me get to her safety-

Man: Dang it, lady! I said get out of the car before I blow your head off! You get out now and don’t say a word or I’ll put one between your eyes!

Caitlyn: (Attempts to look up at him but is struck with fear suddenly) Please…

(The man grabs her by her hair and attempts to yank her out of the car, but she’s caught in the seatbelt. She can’t help but to yell out “no, no, no, stop” over and over again. Caitlyn reaches to the side of her and unbuckles her seatbelt. He throws her out to the ground and she quickly crawls out of the way as the man gets in her car and backs up down the street at full speed. Caitlyn waits until she can no longer hear the sound of her car’s engine and she stands to her feet. She looks around and notices how abnormally quiet the block is for some reason. She takes a deep breath to count her blessing of being alive and wipes the tears from her face. She then proceeds to walk down the street. Back in her car, the angered man is speeding down the street looking out for cops that may come his way. Suddenly, he hears a cell phone ring. It takes him awhile to find it, but he eventually does in the console. He looks at it and it’s a picture of Caitlyn, her 8 year old daughter, and another woman beside her all hugging. The man tosses the phone out of the window in ignorance. Caitlyn Walks down the street hugging herself when suddenly she hears a high-pitch moan. She looks beside her at a crazy-looking woman with long hair creeping toward her from beside a car.)

Caitlyn: Stay back! Get away from me!

(The crazed person quickly goes around the side of the car and charges at her. She get about a few feet away from Caitlyn, then suddenly, the front of her neck explodes and blood splatters all over Caitlyn’s hospital scrubs. She screams for a short time before someone comes up behind her and wraps his hand over her mouth.)

Brian: Shhh! Shut up, don’t scream! I noticed loud noises draw them. Now calm down; I’m not gonna hurt you, okay. My name’s Brian. Now I’m gonna let you go in 3… (Whispers) 2… 1… (Releases her mouth and quickly backs away)

(The two of them stare at each other in silence for a few moments.)

Brian: Like I said, I’m not here to hurt you. Sorry I had to shoot that thing right in front of you without warning, but it would’ve bitten you and once that happens, you become one of them.

Caitlyn: One of what?! What is going on?!

Brian: It’s nearly 8AM. This town started falling apart sometime earlier around 3AM.

Caitlyn: This morning?

Brian: Yeah. But it was only the downtown area.

Caitlyn: I live toward the outskirts, uh sort of, so I always took back streets getting to work… I usually don’t know when anything goes on down here.

Brian: Come inside the shop with everyone else and we’ll talk. It’s not safe out here.

Caitlyn: Why isn’t it safe?

(The woman who was shot in the neck wakes up and grabs Caitlyn’s ankle. Caitlyn quickly backs away and screams one last time before a shovel is jammed in the woman’s face by an unknown man. He yanks out his shovel and turns to bother Brian and Caitlyn.)

Brian: That’s why. Thank you, Carlos.

Carlos: (Disappointed) You can thank me by going inside and not making so much noise! Vamanos, let’s get inside.

(Caitlyn, Brian, and Carlos all quickly enter the deli shop behind them.)

[Diner, outskirts of town]

(Both Raven and Peter are seen entering a diner near the outskirts of town under the gloomy sky surrounded by a large pine tree forest. The two of them look over at the side of the building and see the bottom half of a woman mounted on top of a shaking man with her face pressed against his.)

Peter: This part of town has no class I see.

(The two eventually get into the diner and give a glance at the menu. A sweet red-headed waitress approaches the two of them.)

Charlie: (Enthusiastic) Good morning, my name’s Charlie andI’ll be your waitress for today. What drinks can I get started for ya’ll today?

Peter: You accent- Texas, right?

Charlie: Yep; Odessa; born and raised; although I’ve been all over the place the last few years doing the same job.

Peter: Huh… I’d like a coffee please, ma’am, and if we can, I’d like to place an order.

Charlie: Sure; that’ll be no problem.

Peter: What about you, Raven; you ready to order? Get anything you want; it’s on me.

Raven: Hmm… I’m going for the steak! What’s your most expensive- ah, here! I’d like the 32oz T-bone steak and eggs well done and hook it up with a tall glass of orange juice. (Smiles at her) That’ll be it for me; thank you. (Hands her the menu) Oh and the eggs scrambled please.

Peter: I’ guess I’ll get the same. Make my steak medium rare, please.

Charlie: Okay, two steak and egg dinners coming right. (Chuckles and walks away)

Raven: Medium rare? You never get medium rare; you always say it’s too raw.

(Raven looks over at Peter and sees his face is a bit pale and sweaty and he looks as though he’s slightly drained.)

Raven: Peter, are you doing alright?

Peter: Yeah, yeah; it’s the diabetes. I just need some sugar in my system; that should fix me right up.

(A waitress puts a mug of coffee on the table as well as the tall glass of orange juice and walks away without her face being seen.)

Peter: Here’s the magic medicine right here. (Takes a big sip)

Raven: So, you wanted to talk; so talk.

Peter: (Slightly struggles to learn forward over the table) Right, well- your mother and I are worried is all about you.

Raven: What’re you, a broken record? You already told me that I don’t know how many times. What is it you the two of you really want from me?

Peter: Look, I may not be your biological father, but I’ve been with you nearly all your life and I treated you as my own. I tried taking care of you, we sacrificed for you, we tried giving you the nest education we could and in the snap of a finger, you run off and prove all our efforts in vain. All we want is for you to take advantage of the opportunities you have now to secure your future. You can go to college; you can prepare yourself for a good life not having to worry too much about your finances or a roof over your head. We’re not saying that your lifestyle is wrong, Raven, we’ve not saying that at all.

(Peter reaches his hand out to Raven on the table but as soon as they make contact, she slides her hand away under the table.)

Peter: We want- you to live the life you want to live… BUT… all we ask is that you dedicate 4 to 8 years of your life in school so that you can do whatever you want for the rest of your life.

Raven: What if I want to be a bum or a traveler, even after you pay thousands of dollars for me to get into school?

Peter: Then that is your choice. We can’t force you to live any kind of way, but if you have a degree under your belt, you can always go from living in a trailer, to having a big beautiful house, when you decide to do better for yourself, cause trust me, you will want to have a better living situation.

Raven: (Takes a deep breath) I don’t know what I wanna do. I’m so lost.

Peter: That’s the good thing about school is you could be building up your credits while you figure yourself out. Raven, I am your… stepfather, and I accept that. You father was unfortunately not around anymore and I had to “step” up to try and be there in areas he could not be. I am here to help prepare you for life, and to help you survive. Your mother is here to help you continue to love and follow your heart and nurture you when you need tender attention. She reserves the important qualities in you. But happiness, abundance, and peace- those are things you’re responsible for. You do what makes you happy because that is your role in your life, but our role in your life is to push out there and help you make it. Please understand that.

Raven: (Tries holding her tears back and soaks in the situation) I can understand.

Peter: Thank you… Will you please, help us do your job and help get you ready for the world?

Raven: I… (Aggressively sighs) I don’t know. I’m already in too deep with Kurt and-

Peter: Is Kurt willing to support you? Is Kurt gonna have your back as you grow and learn as an individual?! If so then by all means, I say keep him but the minute he starts holding you back, you need to drop him like an anchor.

Raven: It’s not that simple…

Peter: It is that simple!

(The moment grows silent.)

Peter: Sorry, homey; I didn’t mean to snap like that. I don’t know what’s going on with me today.

Raven: You got really aggressive all of a sudden. , and you’re still a little sweaty.

Peter: Yeah, well...

Raven: (Looks over at his bandaged hand) By the way what happened to your hand?

Peter: This? Oh some homeless crack head bit me today on my way to see you. But it’s not too bad; just broke the skin a little.

Raven: That homeless person probably gave you rabies or something, we should get you to the hospital.

Peter: Y-yeah… Yeah, perhaps we should; cause I’m not feeling too well. I’ll go after we eat okay?

Raven: I’ll go with you and make sure you’re safe.

(Driving down the road are the two officers Mitch and Ronnie, as well as the half-dressed woman they have handcuffed in the back. The three of them look around in shock as the streets downtown are littered with crashed vehicles and blood trails.)

Mitch: The area was nothing like this a little earlier, when did all this happen and how did we not hear any of it?

Ronnie: We weren’t on this side of town an hour ago, remember? We just got down here. I don’t understand why this wasn’t called in or where everybody’s at, but it’s starting to get to me. I should call Mona to make sure she’s alright.

Mitch: Mona; that’s your wife, right?

Ronnie: Yeah that’s my wife. What’re you internet stalking me or something?

Mitch: I may have done a little research before working my first day with you; which isn’t going so well by the way…

Ronnie: (Looks over at him and glares) Shut up; ouch. (Looks at his bite wound) What the heck; is it turning black or something?

Mitch: It looks like it. We should really bandage that up.

(At the police station, the two police officers Mitch and Ronnie have just pulled into the gates. The parking lot is covered in a thick fog but they are still able to see. They get to the police station parking lot and are surprised to see everything’s decently normal, except for the fact that no one is wondering around.)

Ronnie: Yeah this is pretty concerning. The slackers aren’t out yapping it up on duty like usual.

Mitch: Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it means everyone’s safe inside from those crazy people.

Ronnie: See if the signals on the radios are working yet.

(Mitch turns on the CB radio in the car and tries to pick up a signal but only get static for 12 seconds.)

Hooker: Can I go yet? You guys are boring and I got a corner I need to work.

Ronnie: You know what; I’ll give you something to work if you don’t keep it down back there.

(A male’s voice can be heard coming through the static of the radio.)

Officer: Hello?! Can anyone hear me?! This is Officer Daniels; can anyone out there hear me?

Mitch: Daniels, this is Officer Mitch, can you hear me okay?!

Daniels: (Distorted voice) H-ld- on…

(The static gets much worse and eventually they can no longer hear his voice altogether.)

Mitch: Daniels?! Darn it!

(The static goes away completely then suddenly his voice comes in clear.)

Daniels: Connors, is that you Where’s Ronnie?!

Ronnie: (Grabs the receiver) Lieutenant, there was a huge pileup a few blocks away and a few of people around there seemed heavily drugged. We tried getting a hold of the hospital but were unable to, over.

Daniels: Are you near the police station?

Ronnie: Yes, Lieutenant; we’re right outside.

Daniels: Come in through the rear entrance; I’ll let you in. Those drugged people you were talking about are all over the parking lot.

(Ronnie and Mitch both look at each other in confusion then look outside at the empty parking lot.)

Ronnie: Um, Lieutenant- the parking lot’s empty.

Daniels: (A bit of static in is voice) What, empty?! That’s impossible there were just… Hold on a second.

Mitch: (Says to Ronnie) Should we get out or take the underground entrance?

Hooker: You should uncuff me!

Ronnie: Ugh this girl is really riding my nerves right now. But then again I guess she always needs something to ride, huh? (Chuckles)

Mitch: Come on, man.

(A hand is bashed against the passenger side window and a hysterical woman covered in blood panics and bangs on the window.)

Woman: OPEN THE DOOR! Please, let me in! Please, please; they’re coming for me! (Bursts out in tears) Help me! Please.

(The woman body shoved through the window and she can’t help but scream at shards of glass fall from her face. She reaches for Mitch’s handsome he can get her to safety but a crazed male yelling uncontrollable is attempting to pull her back out of the car. She forcefully pulled out and the size of her stomach slices from a piece of glass that was still in the window. The crazed man tries to attack her but she manages to push him off and run out into the fog. Mitch tries to get out to save her but Ronnie stops him.)

Ronnie: Hold on; hold on! Hold it, Rookie! Just shut up a moment.

(The three of them stay silent All that is heard is the woman screaming in the fog following by screeches from the crazed.)

Ronnie: I don’t know about you, but it sounds like at least a couple dozen of them out there. Do you have that much ammo?

(Mitch grabs a magazine from the front of the car and loads it in her pistol.)
Mitch: I do now.

(Mitch opens the door and runs out into the fog. Ronnie reaches over the seat to close the door and unbeknownst to him, a figure of a person stands in the background on the driver side of the car. He successfully closes the door and as he leans back the figure slowly ducks under the car before being seen. The air is silent… they impatiently wait for something to happen. Rapid footsteps are heard approaching closer and closer are heard and out of the fog rushes Mitch in a panic.)

Mitch: GO, GO, GO! Put it in drive, put it in drive!

(Ronnie quickly puts the car in drive and holds his foot on the brake.)

Ronnie: Hurry; get in!

(The window beside him is broken and the crazed man from earlier reaches in and grabs Ronnie. Mitch throws the top half of his body into the car and Ronnie hits the gas. The car takes off through the parking lot and Ronnie tries to stir while fighting off the crazy. The crazy goes in to take a bite of his hand, but is shot through the forehead by Mitch. Ronnie hits the brake pedal but not in time to avoid a wrecked police car in front of them. The impact causes The hooker in the back seat to smack her face on the cage in the center of the car and causes Mitch to slide all the way under the glove compartment.)

Mitch: Ugh, that’s the last time you’re driving.

Ronnie: Hey, we’re still alive, right? Then stop complaining.

Hooker: (Infuriated) UGH! I can’t wait to get out of these cuffs; I’m gonna – (Wildly throws a fit and kicks the cage violently) shove my high heel so far down your throat and watch you choke on it! You ruined my face, you jerk! AHH!!

Ronnie: (Sighs in annoyance) It’s unfortunate we all made it.

Daniels: (Over the radio) Hey, Ronnie; you there?!

Ronnie: (Answers the radio) Here, Lieutenant, but our wheels are wrecked.

Daniels: Don’t worry about that. I see you on the cameras; we’re letting you in the front door now. Hurry your behinds!

(Mitch quickly flips right side up and leaves the wrecked vehicle. Ronnie opens the back door and yanks the hooker out by her arm.)

Hooker: Hey, don’t be so rough with me; I’m a lady!

(The three of them look around and see they’re surrounded by crazies, but the one that sticks out the most is the woman from earlier who was screaming for help.)

Ronnie: Isn’t that-?

Mitch: Yep. I guess she caught whatever they did.

(About 14 feet away, the front door of the police station opens and a young woman yells through the fog.)

Female officer: Hurry up; get your buts in here, now!

(Two shot guns are fired in the same direction she was screaming in.)

Male Officer: They’re headed straight for the door, hurry up!

(The hooker bites Ronnie in his arm and he lets out a yell and releases his grip. She quickly runs off in the opposite direction of the police station and into the fog.)

Ronnie: Dang it; girl!

(He tries to run for her, but Mitch grabs him by his shoulder and pulls him toward the police station.)

Mitch: Come on; we’re going to miss our opportunity! He need to head inside!

(Ronnie isn’t too happy about it, but he understands that Mitch is right and the two head straight for the front door of the police station. They rush inside and the two officers close and lock the double doors behind them as they make it inside. Ronnie and Mitch try to catch their breath but it’s taken away once again at the sight of dead officers, blood stains, and wrecked furniture all over the place. Their middle-aged Lieutenant Daniels is seen lighting a cigar while sitting at the edge of a desk.)

Ronnie: These things got in here too I see.

Daniels: They have. (Takes a puff and slowly looks up at them) But we handled it.

(Driving through the middle of the foggy city is Peter and his adopted daughter Raven. The two of them look around the destroyed district with a sense of surreal shooting through their body. The only sound they hear are car alarms going off in the distance and screams of individuals falling victim to their demise. They two eventually make it to the hospital and park up front.)

Peter: I know this isn’t legal parking, but something freaky is going on and we need to get inside that hospital as soon as possible.

Raven: How’s your hand?

Peter: My hand is fine; don’t worry about it. Let’s just get it bandaged up. Come on; stay close.

(Peter leaves the vehicle and Raven follows him out. Peter goes around the car as quick as he can and grabs her by the hand. He then guides her into the front of the hospital. Nothing is damaged, but not a soul can be seen or heard and the phone continues to ring and ring non-stop.)

Raven: What do we do?

Peter: We find someone.

(Peter and Raven continue to roam further into the deserted hospital. The phone stops ringing for a second, but then it resumes seconds later. Raven walks ehind the counter and cautiously answers the phone.)

Woman: Hello?! Hello?! Is someone there?! I’ve been calling for over an hour; we need help!! My husband tried to kill my son and I ha- (Burst out in tears) I had to kill him- I had to do it, I didn’t want to, but I had to do it; by baby bo-o-y…

(She breaks down in tears so much to the point where she can no longer speak.)

Raven: Uh… Ma’am, where are you? I’ll see if I can get you some help.

(It takes a moment but eventually she takes deep breaths and tries to calm herself down enough to answer the question.)

Woman: W-w-we’re in a red house- in the outer part of downtown. We live on Cherry Street. It’s maybe a mile and a half outside the city. We just moved here so I don’t know my address by heart, but please send someone to help…

Raven: Don’t worry, ma’am, we’ll find someone to help you and your son, just hand in there.

(Raven slowly lowers the phone and hangs it up. The phone rings again seconds later and she grabs the receiver in frustration and throws it into the wall, silencing it for good. Peter walks up to her and wraps his arm around her as the two continue to walk further into the hospital looking for sighs of life.

To Be Continued…
April 7th, 2019 at 05:04am