April 8, 2019

So, this is a proper recc blog! I’m taking part of the April challenge and realized that I didn’t do my reccs right. XD


Well, here it is better. Down below I’ve recced at least 5 of my favorite blogs, poems, forum threads, and users so far for April.


I tend to draw towards blogs that focus on mental health. I connected with them a lot last month, especially because there were times when I found myself debating on admitting myself into a mental hospital again. Here are the blogs that I identified the most with. Most are from last month, however since we’re only one week in April.

Unraveling by divine;

Being a Mum and Anxiety Sucks Yo by Mandy

Mental Health Identity by PoeticMess.

Psych Ward Part One by keresone monday.



A lot of these are Piggirlrocks because last month and this month she WAS ON A ROLL. I really like her poetry. It’s really personal and I like feeling as if someone’s standing right beside me admitting to me how they really feel. Or as if I’m reading someone’s diary. The other two poems I chose have similar tones..

Sitting in a Bar, Bitter, and Hidden Book. by Piggirlrocks.

Jorden by PoeticMess..

Fifteen Years by Britt.



I like the threads that allow you to scoop up whatever’s in your mind and dump it on the internet in the form of a forum. 300 Confessions Way is my ALL TIME FAVORITE because if I’m feeling particularly mentally explosive and just need to vent somewhere that people can hear me but no one can see me...well, it makes me feel better. It’s like going to confession and talking in that little box thingy to the rabbi. Or the thread can be a 1-800 number you can call for the most random things that are on your mind. Like how much you really liked the tuna sandwhich you ate for dinner. You know that no one else would care, but for some really do. 300 Confessions is the place to tell the world! (No matter how trivial it is *_*). It’s therapeutic. I also really like the “Letter to Yourself Thread”. I have one coming up to answer in July and I can’t wait to put life into perspective like that! It’s so amazing what answering a letter from myself from a year ago can reveal. It’s scary but also very telling in how quickly we change even when we don’t really feel it at all. Just a year can make tons of differences.

300 Confessions Way.

Five Facts About Now.

^, >, v.

When was the last time you....

Write a letter to yourself.



My best friend on Mibba (Hina) is at the top of the list hahahaha lol. I think she’ll be at the top of the list any time I’m reccing five users for anything on Mibba. That’s because I talk to her literally every day. Hehe. My other choices are people that I’ve got to know a little more over the course of last month and this month. Or I chose people who I just think are overall generally cool users to shout out. ^_^ <3

Iron Man “aka” Hina.

nearly witches. “aka” Vic.

TheDevilsHalo; “aka” Mandy.


fala amo. “aka” Jacqui.


And that’s my reccs!

Done properly! XD

Let’s continue the April Challenge and the year long challenge!

Until next time,


April 8th, 2019 at 12:25pm