Blog #2 - a Thanks Letter for Mibba - the Discovery - Part 2 / 3

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Anyways, my dear Mibbans, let me tell you how all of these have began.

Three months ago, I decided to revive my writing skills, and hopefully write something, but couldn't do it alone, all by myself, I had to find a community, I had to find a group of people who love to write or they are already writers.

Like most of Mibbans here, People around me don't write or love to write, when I tell them that I want to learn how to write, they will turn and stare at me, "What!? Why!?", then their eyes went blank.

So, I had to find a community or I would go nowhere, and book clubs or writer clubs, either are too far or non-exist, Interent is the only saver.

"Websites for writers" was the keywords, I searched on Google, not surprised and relieved, a long list of results for that keywords. Ignorant and blind, as a beginner would be, I went to forums, "Writer Forums", around there several days, browsing through the threads and comments, found that they were too much and too complicate for a beginner, then I left, at the moment when the first snowflake hit the ground.

"How did you find Mibba?"

Be patient, my dear people, and forgive my slow mind, let's see the rest.

As I said, I searched "websites for writers" on Google, at the beginning, I went to forumns and didn't like the format, then one day, a link, titled "Top 10 best websites for writing and writers", popped, I clicked each of the recommended websites one by one, some of them were forums, some weren't but still not suitable for me, then there was Mibba, at # 6 out of 10, it said
"Mibba is a website for young writers, very ....".

This is how I found Mibba and have stuck to it since then.

I love Mibba, it was a very friendly place, cute website design, easy to use, excellent user experience, a very comfortable place for a beginner like me.

( To be Continued ... )
April 9th, 2019 at 07:11am