Blog #3 - a Thanks Letter for Mibba - Meet People and Say Thanks - Part 3 / 3

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But I still didn't know what to do, so I started to read a story, call Unlikely Friends by Stephanie, it was the first story I read on Mibba, and I liked it, and she was the first writer I talked with, had good conversations. Unfortunally, she has never completed her story, and never appeared.

Days later, while I was still seeking inspirations, I received my first message, from VixL, to greet me, and tell me somethings I could do on Mibba, she's became the person I talked with the mostly since then, I followed her journey, bad and good, she was some of the nicest and kindest person I've ever met, she is the reason why I am still here and have encouragement to write, words hardly express my appreciation, she will get greatest things in her life as God has promised.

I really want to thank Vic, she is one of the most courageous and hard-working women in this community, she is the core and spirit, without her, Mibba would've been falling into ruin, take care, Miss Vic, we all depend on you and we all owe you appreciations.

Special thanks to Blue (Elisabeth), Ruth07 (Rutuja Nahar) and wildest dreams (Morgan) , without you guys life will never be the same, talk to you soon.

I thank all other Mibbans, you are the elements of the community, every blog you post and every story you update, is like a color and shape decorated on a painting, you guys are some of the most creative, inspiring species in our society.

Works I have been reading and love to recommend:

1. For the Rest of Our Lives, written by Blue.

2. Gun Moll, written by legal assassin ( Steffanee Nikkole ).

This blog is longer than I have anticipated, and there are more to say, but let's end here, talk to you guys soon, keep doing what you love doing and see you around!
April 9th, 2019 at 07:31am