Blog #4 - a "Let's Talk" Series on Mibba?

Hi, everybody, my name is Ben, if you don't know that, I've been reading for about a decade, I read any kind, fiction and non-fiction, but never written much, and I have decided to improve my writing skill in 2019.

But I am not creative and talent as you guys, I can't just open a notebook and write, I am more towards to having conversations, in this way I know I am writing to someone.

So I am planning to make a series, called "Let's talk", and I will post them on Blogs, where I think is more active.

The rule and format is simple and easy to comprehend.

Every episode has a topic, and divided into at least two parts.

The first part is about the topic, I will ask some relevant questions and invite you to the discussion.

And then later on, maybe days, I will post another part to elaborate the topic, with some conversations I've had with some writers.

For example, at first, I ask, "What is your writing style?", "Do you have one?", "How do you define your writing style?", "How did you get it?", etc. then I will explain this topic and invite you to the conversation. You can just leave comments, I will ask you more questions or if you want to talk more deeply, we can talk through Messages. Days later, I compile what I've talked with some of you, and then post another blog to complement the first.

I have millions of questions about reading and writing, talking about them would not only be fun and interesting, but also be educational and mind-opening.

Still in its early stages, and not sure how I should do it and would it work, if you are interested, feel free to give some suggestion and advice, I am open to that.

Average men and women never know how to express their feelings appropriately, shouting, screaming and breaking things are their ways. One day, I asked a girl, while we sat in chairs and watching sunset, "What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Do you love your life? Where should we go? What will we do?", she looked around and looked back at me, suspiciously and fearfully, then responded, "Are you ok, honey!? ", with a soft and trembling voice.

Thanks everyone, and let's get ready to talk!
April 10th, 2019 at 07:21am