"Us" Movie Review (3.8/5)

Us was definitely a unique one-of-a-kind movie. I'd say it was a great in a sense that it really changed the story writing of horror movie. There were a lot of political statements and themes in the movie but they aren't very noticeable unless you're looking for them. The movie had a lot of twists in it, at least in my personal experience.

The movie really analysed a lot of the cliche movie decisions people make in horror movies and did a good job working around them, but the lack of paranoia the characters had did leave them vulnerable in other areas of being attacked by the doppelgangers. Horror movies can be seen as corny or cheesy at times and I think the writer of the movie really took that into consideration. There were a lot of comedy skits in the movie that made it more enjoyable. There was a lot of black humor that gave more personality to the movie, but it wasn't too over the top to where other races wouldn't get it. The movie was filled with subliminal elements and messages I feel could be important depending on who you are.

The same individuals who created "Get Out" made "Us".

With the movie having it's own style and unique sense of story-telling, the average viewer may not be used to the atmosphere of this movie and because of that, this movie may seem awkward or may come off as frustrating or lame for those who have black and white mentalities, or expectations of how they think the movie should be.

I really hope you enjoy and please be careful... This movie may leave you with a very unsettling feeling...

I left the movie theater and I felt as though something was lingering with me for the next few days. Even when I wasn't thinking about the movie at all.
April 10th, 2019 at 06:01pm