Interview with riottkick

Hi friends! I am here with an interview I did with the lovely Rachel, although some of you have seen her around as riottkick. Today, we’re going to be talking about her fic, The Other Flair in a moment, but let’s dive right in and get to know the author!

Rachel has been active on Mibba since July of 2013. After getting kicked out of camp, she was fortunate to discover Mibba when she was looking for Kellic fan fiction. Rachel greatly majors in writing fanfiction. She started off writing for bandom (band fan fiction) for various bands such as Falling in Reverse and Motionless in White. Since then, she specializes in writing WWE fan fiction and now recently Marvel. “I really enjoy writing for Pro Wrestling, A Simple Favor, American Horror Story, and Marvel are my favorite fandoms to write and read, but I'll read anything from any fandom nowadays!!”

Although she dabbles in writing fan fiction, she has had a hand in writing original fiction as well. But what is it about fanfiction that she prefers over original fiction?

“I think it's because I fall in love with Characters, and so I write stories including them! I do enjoy original fiction as well! (Reading over writing!) But when I fall in love with these characters, I just have the urge to write about them. Whether it be AU or Canon!!”

Sometimes, reading fan fiction for fandoms that you are unfamiliar with can be hard for various reasons. A strong example is that sometimes, you feel lost because you don’t know the characters. What makes Rachel a talented writer is that it feels more like reading original fiction. She can make new readers feel like they don’t miss anything about these characters and she gives them enough information for them to understand the fandom a bit without over-explaining.

An example of Rachel’s fantastic work is The Other Flair. It is a WWE femslash love triangle about the fictional younger sister of a wrestler [Charlotte Flair], who slowly falls for her sister’s enemy [Ruby Riott] all while dating another fellow wrestler [Sonya Deville].

How did you come up with the story? / What was the inspiration?

I think it stemmed from Ruby and Charlotte's rivalry when the Riott Squad first joined the main roster!

What did you like most when writing the story?

I really like the relationship between the main character and Ruby that I'm working on!! But also Alissa/her secret admirer is a favorite that I'm planning out!!

Which character did you enjoy writing the most? / Who you connected with?

I'm more connected with Alissa because she's an OC I've had for a while!! I always have fun writing her!!

Like most fan fiction writers, Rachel writes mainly romance. When she first started writing on Mibba, she was writing slash fanfiction but has now progressed to writing femslash. “I do love writing erotica (for fanfiction), but sometimes when I need a break, I'll write romance or angst! For Original fiction, I love writing horror! I'm a huge horror fan, and so I love writing it!! Although, I've yet to post yet!”

As most writers do, Rachel aspires to achieve writing goals/plans this year, “My goal for this year is to get to one million words! I started it back in 2017, and I hope to finish it this year! I'm currently 51,821 words into it! I've still got a long ways to go, but I'm slowly (but surely) getting there!!”

When asked for recommendations for works on Mibba, she responded with, “Ah, there's so many!” But after some thought, Rachel shares her recommendations:
Sparrow Lane by Hastings [Original Fiction]
Haunting Grey by Hastings [Original Fiction]
Holy by me! [Fan Fiction]
The Earl and the Witch by me! [Fan Fiction]

As far as works outside of Mibba, she recommends:
➣ A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell
➣ Misery by Stephen King
➣ Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis
➣ Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

If you’re looking for something new to read or want to discover a new fandom, be sure to check out Rachel’s work!
Thank you so much, Rachel, for letting me interview you! Please, go check out her work if you haven’t already! And if you’re interested in having an interview of your own, check out this blog for more information. Till next time, hopefully. :)
April 11th, 2019 at 01:40am