#5 - a New E-Ink Digital Device or a New Monitor for the Eyes and Writing Career?

It tires me very quick, reading on my desktop monitor, 10 minutes maximum, after that my eyes get drained and shut.

Strangely, writing on the same monitor, even for two or three hours, still a tiger I am like.

Anyways, as I said in my last blog, I am going to make a series about writing and reading, I need to read more on Mibba.

Never into e-books, never finished any book on computer or mobile phone, I am a real book person, one hundred percent.

So, reading heavily on Mibba, on my computer monitor, with drained eyes, slows me down and not efficacious.

So frustrating as I hate, to counter, two options, buy a new monitor with eye-care and Low Blue Light technology or an e-ink digital device.

Replacement or addition.

My current monitor, perfect for any other usage, video games and movies, only reading on is unfortunate. New monitor in, it out, be idle and I a waster.

So, only one option, an e-ink device.

Have some of you use Amazon Kindle? How is it for you as a writer and reader?

I've heard that Kindle has a 6 inches screen, with a web browser, have you use it access Mibba? how is your experience? good or bad?

By the way, I sometimes browse Mibba on my iphone 6, with a 4.7 inches screen, the font size is too small, I have to expand the font size manually, a bad experience for me.

Thanks for reading, take care your eyes and happy writing!
April 11th, 2019 at 06:47am