#7 - Let's Talk #1 - Mibba, a Perfect Place for Writers? a Writing Club? How Could We Help Each Other?

Perfect topic for the first episode.

Everyone wants to write and everyone can write, but few actually write, rarity write for living.

But everyone wants to write.

"Why don't they write?" Don't know what to write, how to write it.

They don't know how to start. They need help.

"Mibba is a perfect place for that?" No, not yet.

"Could It be?" Definitely.

"How'd you define 'a perfect place for writers'?" A place where you want to write, know what to write and know how to write it, and then you write it and love writing it, and keep improving and growing, and also love interacting with other writers.

To be short: "You can become best of yourself as a writer there.".

Mibba could be that place, but not yet.

"But how!?" Let's talk.

Everyone writes for a purpose: self-interest, academy, business and profession.

For beginners, who don't know what to write and how to write. We talk to them, ask them questions and write with them, help them warming up.

For self-interest, who write for fun. We interact with them, play words with them, share passion with them.

For academy, who write for school. We help them fix spelling and grammar error, reconstruct arguments and ask questions about their research.

For business, who write for their job. We talk with them about career, finance reports, economy analyses, customer relationship or marketing. We give them feedbacks and help them fix errors.

For profession, who want to become a professional writer. We review their writings, talk with them about plots, charaters and structures, help them polish their writings and help them get exposures and promote them on social media.

Every age and every profession want to write and need to write and need to write well.

Mibba is a perfect place for them.

"But who would do that?"

Two wonderful people are already doing it, sebastian michaelis and Gia , they interview writers. Thanks you guys, amazing job.

"Is it enough to bring Mibba back?" No.

"What else do we need?" Leadership, management and a team. Next topic in "Let's talk".

So let me ask you everyone: "What help do you need?", "How could we help each other?", "How could we make Mibba to be a perfect place for us?"

* It's spring, Mibba, it's time to wake and it's time to bloom. *

Leave comments or send messages, I am open to anything, let's have conversations.

Thanks again, you guys are great and see you soon!
April 13th, 2019 at 07:30am