Doo Voo Dolls (OMG This Is a Real Thing)

Okay so when I first heard of the word Doo Voo dolls I was kinda like "what"? I was confused by the name, but then I talked to the inventor of the doo voo dolls and he showed me the collection that both he and his wife have made and it caught me by surprise! Basically Doo Voo dolls are the opposite of voodoo dolls. Doo Voo dolls are meant to serve as "protectors" against negative energy in a sense. They are very scary creepy looking dolls but they are meant to scare off demons. It's like the scarecrow effect. The dolls look and feel terrifying to the point that they scare off demonic beings. I have been in the presence of these things and they in fact do have a powerful energy to them. He does not use any form of witchcraft but somehow they all feel very much alive. There are an original creation; not sold in stores, so if you would be interested in buying one or seeing what they look like please do not hesitate to message me. :)
April 14th, 2019 at 04:01am