Im Sorry I Wasnt What You Wanted (Review)

Im Sorry I Wasnt What You Wanted.

I love drabbles.

Like addicted kind of love.

Maybe that's a bad thing...

OR it could be a good thing.

I don't really know.

This one by fala amo. is my current favorite.

It's about a relationship, but for some reason (blame my INFJ personality which makes me see patterns in unrelated things or blame the fact that I'm projecting XD), I also feel like it's about a individual making a life choice.

Either way I interpret it (the thing which I love most about drabbles...they're like writer's version of painting or making a art piece for a art show. I can look at it and go, "Hmmm...maybe it means this" and then someone else can come up, look at it, and go, "No. Maybe it means this.....") the ending leaves me satisfied.

It's about breaking up with someone who's holding you back.

Whether that be a person...

OR a mentality.

I write all of this to just say:

Go check out this piece and decide for yourself!

April 15th, 2019 at 03:57am