Taking Credit

Hi guys!

Once again, as usual, long time no talk. I have two more days of finals left and I'm excited to start my week-long spring break! This session has been a rough one -- to say the least.

I'm currently having issues with a certain classmate of mine, who we will call Kristin (not her real name) here. Kristin. Oy vey.

Kristin is currently in both my anatomy (last anatomy class, btw) and my first nursing class (health promotion) with me. Lovely. She had the gall to tell me a few weeks ago that because I wasn't in class with her during A&P II and that she didn't have my ~legendary~ study guides (which I should mention that are nothing special, they're just the class powerpoints, lol), that she almost failed the class. Like. How is that my fault? I told her that my study guides aren't anything special in the first place, lol. Don't stick the blame on me.

For this particular NR class that I'm in right now (and that I'm taking the final for tomorrow, YEES), most of the class consisted of group work. I hate group work with the passion of a thousand burning suns. I always get stuck with either the group who is insanely motivated or the group who does nothing at all, which then puts me in a stupid position to do absolutely everything. I ended up getting put in a four-person group with Kristin and two other girls. I don't have a problem with the two other girls, just Kristin.

Each week, we had to do these content questions. Kristin elected herself as the leader for some reason and instantly had me do two questions, while everyone else got to do one question. Fine, whatever. We also had to pick a certain cultural group for this presentation/PowerPoint project that is due in Week 6. We ended up picking Judaism, which made my job a fuck ton easier since I wouldn't have to do very much research, considering I'm Jewish. Fabulous!

Week 5 rolls around and one of the other girls, S, has already finished her slides, while me and the other girl, A, finish up our slides (we each had to do around 2 to 3 slides). It doesn't take very long at all and I go in and add a few things that I know of to the other slides and have gone around asking my family about. I elected myself to be the editor and I also go on to make sure that everything is correct, that everything is cited correctly, etc. Everything is great.

Until Kristin starts doing her slides. Two days before the whole damn thing is due and we have to present it in front of the class.

Kristin put in the stupidest, most asinine, most outdated information she can find about, go figure, death practices in Judaism; she wrote that Jews have someone to watch over the deceased's body and that the body is put on the floor and that tattoos are cut out of the skin, to name a few. I basically blew up on her because I, unfortunately, know Jewish death practices very, very well. Half the shit that she put on there is unheard of these days; I called my aunt in Israel and spoke to my mom about what she wrote and they both said that we don't do anything like that these days; perhaps in the past, but not these days. We especially don't have someone to watch over the body. I told her that we have morgues these days, that putting the body on the floor is a sanitary hazard, and that tattoos are very much still left on the deceased. She also wrote (and I quote), "Jews think that death is a part of life and is not considered a tragedy."

Apparently, this gal has never seen anyone sitting Shiva. Sitting Shiva is one of the most heartbreaking things I've had to go through as a Jewish person. And for her to write something like that was the tipping point for me. I ended up taking over the project and I called her out on every single thing she wrote because I was not going to have my religion disrespected like that, to which she says that she was really bummed that I called her out on it because she thought she was doing a good job on it. Mae freakin' culpa, but someone has to; we needed to spread relevant, correct information about our picked cultural group and she didn't contribute to that at all. Week 6 rolls along, we present our project and get a 99/100 on it.

And Kristin loses it. Over a point. It's funny that she's pissed about it, considering she barely did a damn thing.

We also had to write a corresponding paper about a certain topic in the cultural group of our choice. We picked mental health in the Jewish religion. I and the other girls get a head start on Thursday and Friday, since the whole paper is due on Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Kristin texts us on Saturday around midnight and pushed us all into overdrive because at this point, she didn't even write a freakin' word in the document. This was done in a Google doc so all of us could easily collaborate on it. When it came time to turn it in, the final tally was that I wrote three pages and the other girls wrote about 2 pages each and added a few bits and bobs to mine, while I added to theirs. We three went in to make sure everything was formatted nicely, that our citations were correct and all of that. The whole paper ended up being seven pages, I think because we really went in and found as many resources as possible. We wanted to be as thorough as possible.

Kristin went in at the last second and wrote one bloody paragraph, maybe less. One paragraph out of seven fucking pages.

We ended up getting 98/100 on the paper. Once again, Kristin loses it and says that it's unfair that we got the score that we did.

We got the score that we did because we worked on the paper. The fact that she got an actually good score on anything in this class is because others did the damn work for her. It was unfair of her to not do anything and complain about a score that she didn't work for at all; everyone has to pull their own fucking weight in group assignments, whether in school or on the job. This is a given -- I don't get why this is so hard for her to grasp.

Kristin also constantly asks me for my notes; I eventually told her that I'm not making notes because it's entirely unfair that she's using my notes to get good grades. Now, if she asked me for my notes once in a while, I'm okay with that. If anyone asks me for my notes, I usually give them out because I'm a nice person and I want everyone to succeed. But she asks me for my notes for almost every class! Almost ALL THE DAMN TIME. NO. No, no, no, I'm not going to give you my damn notes anymore. Make your own notes. :|

She also told me that she's "sad" that I won't have patho and funds with her. Sad because I won't be there to do your work for you or give you notes or whatever...? Yeah, have fun with that. Sorry, not sorry.
April 23rd, 2019 at 03:56am