Hello! I disappeared for a bit, but I have good news! Last Monday I was admitted to the hospital after having a non-stress test and baby wasn’t moving as much as they would have liked. My contractions had started to slowly increase as they monitored me through the night. I was making very slow progress and baby wasn’t moving down to where he needed to be.

Tuesday morning I woke up around 8 and immediately had the shakes. It happened with my daughter too, but wasn’t nearly as bad or for as long. I felt miserable, and as time went on I was starting to think I’d end up having a c-section.

Around noon, my water broke while they were checking me and baby was still way too high. It was another four hours before I was ready to push. In that time, I’d found out I had a kidney infection to go along with everything else.

Finally, after an hour, I was able to hold my baby boy. We were in the hospital until Thursday afternoon, but now we’re home and starting to get settled. I’ll be updating my parts for the roleplays I’ve missed and I apologize for the delay!
May 13th, 2019 at 05:48pm