#16 - Signs You Are Going to Be a Great Writer(2) - Desirous to Express

We all are expressionists.

When we were kids, we expressed what we wanted and felt in ways other than language.

We cried when we were hungry.

We made sounds when we wanted attention.

We laughed when we were happy.

We had to express our wants and feelings to survive.

When we get older, we had learned a lot of other ways to express.

We have language.

We communicate with our facial expressions and gestures.

Other than that.

We pursue arts, which are more sophisticated ways to show our inner feelings or thoughts.

We move our head, arms and feet. We jump, rotate and roll. We use our body to tell.

We make sounds, high and low, fast and slow, rhythmically. We use our voice to converse.

We put colors, shades and shapes on canvas. We make portraits and landscapes. We use our paintings to reflect.

And we write.

We use words and style to express our ideas and imaginations.

There are so much great writers in the world.

Different skin colors.

From different countries.

Various political views and religions.

Women and men.

Unique trait and personality.

But they all possess the same character.

They are all desirous expressionists.

They are full of ideas and sparks.

They want the world to know.

They create worlds and characters.

They tell stories and exchange life experience.

They want people to see, to feel what they have experienced or been experiencing.

Just like a little girl would do with her favorite doll.

She gives the doll a name.

Dresses it up.

Brushes its hair.

Sings to it.

She makes up some back story for it.

She talks about this doll with anyone she has met.

She thinks the doll is the best thing in the world.

If she can write, she would write about it with her most strong feelings or emotions.

She would write from her heart.

Althought she are bad at grammar, and with very small vocabulary.

But she would put out the most genuine and energetic words.

And the readers can feel the power and the moving of her love.

Everyone who want to doing great in writing should become the person of this kind.

At the opposite.

People, who don't care about anything and be self-absorbed, would never be a writer.

Even they have the most brilliant and magnificent ideas and have historical life experience.

Beautiful words and elegant styles can't save a stone-hard heart and a soulless mind.

Strong sentimental self-expression is one of the most important drives for any kind of artists, not just for writers.

Great writers are desirous expressionists.

The ideas and thoughts urge them to write.

They want the world know them.

They are open and insightful.

They can't wait to share what is in their mind.

They want to make different.

They go through life experience.

And they reflect on them.

They are desirous to share their reflections.

They write.

They write as frequently as possible.

They try anything they could to pull out their mind into words.

They are never afraid of making mistakes or being made fun of themselves.

They are unstoppable.

There are some questions for you.

Are you a desirous expressionist? Are you a person who desires to share things with others?

At this moment, do you have some ideas or stories you want to share?

Do you sometimes care too much about other people's opinions about your writings?

Do you think that writing is the best way to share your ideas and thoughts?

How badly do you want to become a great writer?

This is all for now.

Thanks again.

Be well and see you next time!
May 14th, 2019 at 08:00am