#17 - Signs You Are Going to Be a Great Writer(3) - Be Obsessed

Have you ever met a person who is a big fan of something?

A fan of a book or a tv show or a celebrity.

Everytime you have a seat with her.

She would grab your hand and talk to you non-stop about how badly she loves it.

Her eyes are open wide and shining.

Her lips curve up and mouth drooling.

Her whole face turns red.

She talks fast and smoothly.

With a high-pitched and even breaking voice.

She uses her colorful facial expressions and body movements.

She breathes heavily and rhythmically.

She is in trouble.

She is making love.

Her words are full of emotion and desire.

Her knowledge is full of creativity and wisdom.

Maybe she is not attractive, even annoying.

But her eyes, her voice and body language like magic spells.

The listener would be strongly affected, brainwashed and dominated.

If you dare to challenge, against her wishes, say bad things or disagree.

You will be dead.

You will be destroyed.

She would try anything to change your mind.

She would do anything to persuade.

Even command forcefully.

You have no choice but to love in the way she is making.

She is meant for her love.

Even before she was born.

She has no control of it.

Nobody could break her from it.

Nothing would distract.

It is her oxygen.

It is her water.

It is her nutrition.

She would defend it with all her power.

Even her life.

She is a loyal knight fighting for her king and queen.

She swipes her sword, sweat and blood to defeat the enemies who are a serious threat to her country and people.

She is the most famous hero in the fascinating tales of the history of the kingdom.

Just like this girl.

Great writers have great faith in what they write.

They think it is the most important, most interesting and most valueable.

They think it would change people's lives and even save some.

They talk about it all the time in every occasion.

They want everyone in the world to know.

They try everything to persuade.

Sometimes they fail and fail miserably.

People make fun of them.

People advise them to give in.

They just smile and go back to fight again.

They learn and practice.

They try new things and new strategies.

They write and they write almost everyday.

Even nobody cares.

Even they are poor and in a terrible condition.

The faith is holding them, encouraging them and lighting the road towards the greatest.

They don't know how much it will take and how long they will go.

They always are the happiest.

They write.

They fail.

They do it again.

Until the end.

For this kind of people.

Fortune would be late but never absent.

At the right time and right place.

Their products would get highest praise and make enormous impact.

Even change the course of the world.

Their life stories would inspire and warm everyone who are still in the cold dark.

Their names would be put on the peak of literature like a gem embedded in the king's crown.


There are some questions for you.

Do you have something you are so obsessed with?

Are you eager to share that with the world?

Do you think writing is the best way to do that?


Thanks everyone and talk to you next time!
May 15th, 2019 at 07:16am