Mini Rant on Plot Bunnies

Sooo, Mibba, has anyone always had trouble coming up with proper stories for their characters to be in despite coming up with a bunch of awesome-sounding (and awesome looking) characters? Like you can come up with these characters and flesh out all the common details and various aspects about them but you can't quite come up with a good story/adventure for them to be apart of? I have. Why? Because I keep coming up with Marvel and DC characters (mostly Marvel OCs since I'm more in love with Marvel atm and X-men is so easy to come up with characters for).

Anywho i think my brain is overloaded with too many characters (for the Marvel universe--including the X-Men!) So i'm gonna try and attempt to write down one shots detailing a little glimpse into their lives or whatever so i can get this extra creative juice out of me so i can concentrate on my main stories.

Me right now:

Just wanted to write a little rant out. LOL.

See you all later.

May 15th, 2019 at 08:27pm