Story Banner Request?

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I'm back, Mibba and this time, it has something to do with Clarity and of course, the graphics shops. As you all know, I suck at making banners (actually I don't have a way of making story banners and please don't suggest gimp because the last time I tried using Gimp, it was too confusing but then again I'm not all that photo edit savvy or whatever). So I was wondering if anyone was up to making a story banner for me, for my Iron Man fanfic Clarity? Or just for all of my Iron Man fanfics in general (cause knowing me I'm probably going to write a crapload more of them XD). I don't quite have anything in mind, like images and whatnot besides obviously of Robert Downey Jr/Tony Stark himself and of course, my OC Catmint even tho I don't really have a face claim for her. At least not an official one. I do have this:
(I may change my faceclaim for Catmint eventually because I realize too many of my face claims are of women wearing glasses... cause like what?)

I was only asking because usually when I come up with a story and start writing it, I usually go about getting a banner made and look for faceclaims and whatnot. So yeah. Anyone up for making me a banner?

May 15th, 2019 at 10:06pm