What? No, I'm Definitely Not Obsessed

First thing's first: I sold my soul to Mols for this amazing blog layout! me obsessed with yoongi? lmao no why would you make such an accusation?? If you'd like your own blog layout, hit Mols up over at her shop!

So, Molly has been pretty obsessed with Namjoon from BTS for awhile now yeah, i'm calling u out!! and a few days ago, I decided to watch some of their videos for myself. And oh dear god, I've fallen down and I can't get up. I've literally fallen in love with each member especially my guy yoongi and everything about each of them. They're so genuine? It's just- wow. Anyway! Mols sent me a questionnaire regarding BTS and my ass is going to answer all the questions!

Enjoy, and if you're a fan as well, hmu because I'm ready to scream about them even more than I already do.

1. First BTS song?
I believe the first song I ever listened to was DNA, but I never really thought much of it and was never a huge K-Pop fan, so I shrugged it off and moved on. Usually, I don't focus my energy on songs I can't understand. And it's not solely foreign bands I'm like that with - a notable band is Fall Out Boy. I can barely understand what Patrick Stump is saying, so I skip out on their music.

But Molly brought up Namjoon in our group chat and she would send pictures and gifs of Namjoon (among other members), so one night, after she went to bed, I decided to see what the big deal was. I was curious. And honestly, it was the best decision I've ever made. I looked through their videos and I believe the first I watched was Mic Drop (it could've been Blood, Sweat, and Tears but listen, I heard a lot of songs that night and loved every single one of them, okay?).

So technically, DNA, but what really made me get into them was Mic Drop!

2. First bias?


3. Current bias?
Okay, it's still Yoongi, but Taehyung and Jimin are really getting up there, tbh.

(left-jimin, right-tae)

4. Put the members in order of your bias list.
Dear lord. Okay, I just want to say right off that I love every single member of BTS. I don't dislike any one of them and they all have a special place in my heart.


5. Favourite BTS Song?
Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix). This song makes me grin every time and I always think about the music video and fffffuck. Aesthetic. All of it.

6. Favourite BTS song that is underrated?
I'm Fine! I love the lyrics and the beat and hhh. It's a good one. I'm not sure if this is underrated, though, due to the fact that the only fan I talk to is Molly lmao.

7. Favourite song from Wings?
Lie or Am I Wrong. Honestly, I feel a lot of preference toward the former because Jimin's vocals are beautiful in this song and it really showcases just how talented he is.

8. Favourite song from LY Her, Tear and Answer?
LY Her: DNA. Mostly because of the music video. It was so good hhh
Tear: Magic Shop, hands down. I cry every time I think about/listen to it.
Answer:IDOL ft Nicki Minaj because wow, uh, the rap line was fucking fantastic?? Fuck me up???

9. Favourite song from MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA?
Jamais Vu, it's just really beautiful okay?

10. Favourite music video?
Hi, Mic Drop because they all look so good, the dance and beat make me obsessed, and the fucking explosion in the background of that one scene - it's all in-synch and I screamed.

11. Favourite dancer?
Oooh. Jimin and Namjoon, honestly. They both get so into the choreography in every song and I love their passion so much.

12. Favourite vocalist?
Jimin, hands down. He literally has the voice of an angel and no one can convince me otherwise. Tae is a super close second. He has this deep voice that makes me shiver. Jimin is the voice of an angel and Tae is the voice of a demon in a good way omg. Good god.

13. Favourite rapper?
YOONGI. He can sound husky one second and go a totally different range the next. So good.

14. Favourite hair colour for each member?
Yoongi- dark red

Tae- that gray/silver

Jimin- pink

Kookie- brown

Namjoon- purple

Jin- black

Hoseok- orange

15. Favourite choreography?
Either Mic Drop or Blood, Sweat, & Tears

16. Favourite ships?
Good lord. Okay.

My biggest ship rn is Tae/Jimin, just because the videos of them supporting and loving one another makes my heart so fucking happy. I'm not fully decided on any others right now, but I'm for sure with these two. I love them.
May 15th, 2019 at 11:37pm