#18 - Signs You Are Going to Be a Great Writer(4) - Perfectionist

Great writers are never satisfied.

They have the highest standard.

Which has never been reached.

They are never around with people who have low standards.

They never read books that below great.

They know that time is precious and the mind is prestigious.

They are sensitive.

They are intolerant.

They are spoiled.

They are the highest authorities sitting on the highest rank.

Every detail would be examined.

Any fault couldn't escape.

They wouldn't allow any imperfection.

They would try anything and sacrifice everything to be the greatest.

But they are not delusional.

They know they are not perfect.

They are aware of what they are lacking.

Everytime after they complete their works.

They review these works.

They reflect on them.

They find ways to improve them next time.

They learn everything that could make them better.

They try everything that could bring them to the highest.

They are never afraid.

Failures and loneliness would never defeat them.

Imperfection is their only nightmare and the biggest enemy.

They never lower their standards.

They never stop to learn.

They never stop to practice.

They try new styles and new strategies.

They are around with people who are like them.

They spend most of their time reading the greatest of the greatest books.

They know they have the best yet to show.

They always feel hungry.

They always want to be better.

And they never stop.


There are some questions for you.

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you only read great books and around with great people?

What aspect do you want to improve to be a better writer?


As always, thanks so much, and I am open to conversations.

Be well and be perfect!
May 16th, 2019 at 06:34am