Yup, Still Exist.

Because um hello.

Yeah I'm still alive.
Sorry if I didnt get back to anyones comments/messages. Im doing this whole 'start fresh thing', like every two weeks because my life is cluster fuck of failure.

Updates for any of my friends;
- Still homeless. Still looking. Living in a basement like a true aspiring writer that has been unable to write a single word for months.
- I left my shitty ass job for another shitty ass job.
- I still majorly dislike people, probably more than I used to.
- I drink far more than I used to.
- Vegeta is still a sex bomb.

Yeah I havent changed much. But in all honesty, Im trying to get back into writing. I forgot my wattpad account, but I still have my A03, so if anyones interested im going to try get back into writing on there. Granted it's only fan fiction, but still...The originals have no place to go.

Love you guys x
May 16th, 2019 at 10:51am