Life of Victoria Kingsley Readers Update

Hi, so I noticed I have 42 of you reading the story which is awesome! Would be nicer if I got to know thoughts as well but that's ok still happy regardless!

So a story update. I work at a computer store that has also started doing internet in the rural part of our town. This is important for you to know because now that we are in the busy season I won't be able to update the story as frequently as I have been. There's a possibility I may start posting while I'm at home, I just enjoy posting at work as it gives me something to do when the store is dead.

So long story short if the updates start coming out slower or almost not at all just know that I am not giving up on this story and that I will be back!

Also I am debating on writing my own hunger games fan fiction I'm unsure so that is also a possibility coming your way.

Any thoughts on my current story would be great but am just happy it's being read!
May 23rd, 2019 at 07:15pm