Where to Begin...

I guess I'll start with the blog I posted at the beginning of the year. I had talked about coming back. Having changed my name back to my original and how during Dec or well the holiday season I hit a depressive patch. Well I had every intent of coming back until my life had become so stressful.

So about mid Jan I came down with something pretty awful. I'm pretty sure it was an upper respiratory infection. The little one I watched had come down with Flu type A. Because her parents' friend's husband well soon to be ex but that's a different story is a moron and went out not feeling well. Exposed not only their household to the Flu but everyone at this axe throwing place.

Anyways, I had to call out. No choice in the matter. My fever was around 100.9 for most of the time if not higher at times. I thought okay no big deal. In the two years I've watched her I had called out twice before that. Twice. Well this time you would have thought I was committing some sort of offense by calling out. They literally tired to make me feel bad for it. Letting me know how they couldn't afford to take off anymore time.

How he's acting manager and she could get fired. All while I was laying there feeling like death run over with a fever. And then when I said I couldn't come in the next day it was like a complete 180. I was the told I had a great work ethic and not to worry about it and to just get better. All the while she was contemplating quitting her job I guess. Or had been cause I refuse to believe such a decision was come to during the week after I came back to work.

So here's where everything takes a nose dive. I was literally told the day before she put in her two weeks notice that she was quitting her job. Fine. That's fine. I was really stressed out with how much I was working and having to deal with. My only issue was that I wasn't told sooner. Because I know her. She's family and I know she didn't make such a decision in one week. This was something she had probably been thinking about for a good while.

Let me take you back to July of last year when I lost my job then as well. They enrolled her for a daycare school in May. May! but didn't tell me until July in case she didn't get in knowing she would be starting in Aug. My logical self was like "but why wasn't I told so I could save money from my paychecks?". I wasn't paid much but still I helped out the parents. Well in a sense that happened again. So she quit and I was out of a job.

Then my sister(my youngest one) is left high and dry by her ex bf. Great. He's a POS anyways. But this man literally had me ready to rock an orange jumpsuit. Like never in my life had I been ready to actually whoop someone but oh I was. Still am. But now the kids are living with us. Because she is still in the process of moving stuff out of where she was living and working on the time. ALL THE TIME.

So for about 4 months they have been here. I'm about to pull my hair out because man at their ages they just love pushing each others buttons. Like all the time. Normal sibling stuff but my poor mother. She already had to deal with this when my siblings and I were growing up. The only day they didn't fight was yesterday(May 22) because it was my mom's birthday and thats all she wanted lol.

During this time my sister came to me with a job offer. Y'all I need money but I am not this desperate. One of her co-workers was looking for a sitter. She lives right down the road. Perfect. Except she has the same hours as my sister. They do 12 hour shifts at a nursing/rehab home. They work two days, get three off. Work three and get two off. This girl is going to offer $20 for a 7-7 day. 12 hours for $20. I was like hard pass. Because that's a long ass time for a little bit of money. And in cases like that it wouldn't be just 7-7. I've been down that road before where I was suppose to have set hours and they weren't set hours because shit happens. It was for one kid and then she bumped it to $30 if her other kid was home. She told me the kid was 4 and I just had to sit there. I'm like "You're not serious right now?". You can't just sit there with a 4 yr old. *face palm*

I'm in serious need of a vacation. And adult company but with those two here all the time that's not possible because they'd harass anyone I had over. Can I start the year over with all the knowledge I have of what's happened? Cause it's been kinda sucky. Plus it flooded on my birthday ._. . Alright I'm done I think. I'm hoping to really come back this time.

May 24th, 2019 at 06:20am