Hey, y'all!

I am currently back home and I wish y'all could see me right now lol. I have like oil and stuff in my hair with a shower cap in my PJs all comfy lol. I'm SUPER tan and my shoulder is burnt becauuussseeee...I just came back from Aruba!

From like Tuesday to today I was in Aruba and it was my graduation gift my family gave me. I went with them and it was really nice. All the time we were there it was like 80+ degrees, the food was really good (but super expensive like all means are $30+ a plate), and the people are nice. I basically drunk my way through the island lol. I drunk more than I ever have really during that vacation but it was hard to resist lol. The weather was so nice and I didn't have to pay for most of them so I couldn't help myself lol.

I got a really nice tan, I think. I'm already pretty dark but I think I'm a good two shades darker. My shoulder down to like my elbow is itchy so I think I have a sunburn for like the second time ever in my life lol. There's this big myth that black people (especially dark skin people) don't get burnt BUT WE DO! It's not red or anything and honestly, if it wasn't itchy I wouldn't even know but oh well. I'm a New York girl so my body isn't used to just pure sun on me so whenever I go somewhere really hot and go to the beach I expect it. Especially since I was at the beach 2 days in a row and yesterday was like 88 degrees there. I put on sunscreen and everything but I think just being in the water and doing stuff got me.

Oh well, besides my rant, it was AMAZING. I would love to go back with my boyfriend and friends one day. The culture is so interesting because they can speak 6 languages there and one is this mixture of Spanish and Portuguese called Papiamento and I was just so interested lol. Like everyone kept saying they learn in Dutch, watch TV in English, speak Papiamento at home and stuff and I was just amazed.

So, yeah, solid vacation. I can't believe I graduated almost a week ago. I start work in less than 2 weeks!

I am currently in my hometown until the end of this month then I'm super quickly going back to my college town aka my new hometown, celebrating my boyfriend's birthday, and boom I start that Monday.

Life is changing and I'm insanely nervous and excited.

And I also can't wait to save for my next vacation lol.

What is something new and exciting y'all have done? Nothing is too big or small.

See ya in the next blog <3
May 25th, 2019 at 02:45am