#24 - Why Does No One Write Articles Anymore? Why Are Articles Taking so Long to Get Verified?

Have a great weekend everyone!

I've spent some time in "Articles" lately.

Some of them were really good and very insightful.

So I sent messages to the authors to ask questions and share my own opinions.

They didn't reply.

Afterwards I found that these articles were published about one or two years ago.

Maybe the authors are no longer active here.

Then I decided to write an article of my own.

And hopefully someone would join the conversation.

On mibba, every article have to be verified before it get published in "Articles".

13 days have passed, my article still is waiting for verification.

So I posted the article in "Blogs" after that experience.

Other than that, I love the idea of "Articles".

Why do people stop writing articles?

Out of topic or subject? I don't think so.

No one cares? I don't think so either.

So Why? I don't know.

Today's world are changing so much and so fast.

New things, new ideas, new trends and new technologies occupy the media and Internet.

The society and environment make us feel uncertain, stressful and anxious.

Lots of choices, opportunities and traps are around us.

We need information, knowledge and self-reflection to survive.

We are facing the same problems and difficulties.

We should work together to figure things out and find the solutions.

We should share our ideas, thoughts and experience with each other.

And writing is the best way.

There are lots of things closely related to our lives.

"Mental and Physical Health".


"Reading and Writing".


"Work and Career".







"Politics and Economy".

"Criminal Justice and Laws".


People who are good at some of these areas can be very helpful and beneficial to others.

They can write about it.

And others join the conversation to share their opinions.

Everyone can contribute her or his thoughts and experience.

Everyone in the conversation would be more knowledgeable and thoughtful on this topic.

For instance.

Someone shares her thoughts and insights about relationship.

And she raises some questions to invite the readers into a conversation.

She would ask.

What traits and characteristics attract you?

How would you show your admiration to someone?

How do you maintain your relationship?

How do you handle conflicts between you and your partner?

Under what conditions would you break with your partner?

How would you break with someone?

What's the difference between being single and in a relationship?

And then some people who are interested in this topic could join her to share their own opinions.

Next month, in June, I will write some of these topics and hope you guys would join the conversations, that would be so fun.

And I hope more people speak out to share their knowledge and wisdom of life.


We all want to be healthy and happy.

Why don't we write something about them?


Alright, that's all for now.

Thanks again and let's share our mind and heart!
May 25th, 2019 at 08:11am