November Nights

It had been long since she had done anything remotely daring. Free falling off the cliff of life, gripping nothing but herself to see if she’d fly or fall flat on her face. That night had no special significance, no event that caused her to choose to be social in a sudden change of heart. She felt a forced wind push her in the direction to nodding her head to tag along. From the pick up to the drop off, the night played over and over in her mind on a constant loop, wondering what they must’ve thought of her, if he even noticed her, what she could’ve done better, was she appealing or interesting enough to have a glance in her direction.
Every possibility and every scenario played into it, filling her brain to the brim, almost spilling all the thoughts out loud had she let it. It was too dark and smoky for him to make out the scars that cut too deep, she was on the mend, she didn’t have time for a temporary fling. It was almost nearing the end of a saga, going into the next, but her mind was so focused on the strings tugging on her heart pressing her to explore this new adventure. She stared at his profile what seemed like forever debating the right move, back and forth leaping to each possible conclusion if she took that leap of faith.
In anticipation, her friend and her beloved stood nearby in support, encouraging her take a chance even if it falters down the line. Like a revolving door, endless excuses and reasons why she shouldn’t circled round her mind, doubting her decision all the more. She looked over to her friend who was engulfed into her partner’s embrace, watching the glow beam straight from her smile given to her by the new man in her life that loves her dearly. She wanted that. She needed that. But could this one person offer her all the things she craves and in turn, could she devote herself to follow those feelings and give him everything he needs in this world. Not a moment too soon until the green symbol flashed on the screen. That forceable push took the reigns from her body, reassuring her there will be more to come. She couldn’t fight off the urge any longer.. “Hey there!” “Hi”. This was only the start to what would become her greatest story.
May 25th, 2019 at 05:16pm