Birthday Week Was Fun!

Hi, so, the past two or three days have been fun. I've started playing Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns again. I'm still trying to get build a king sized bed so my character and her husband can have a baby. (I just need my sheep and alpacas to give me the wool+ items then I can make it!) Im also trying to build a winery (a wine keg or casket basically) but I need 15 coconuts but before I can even grow any coconuts, I need to unlock some chili peppers but before I do that, I need to grow and ship 50 wasabi plants.... Shipping 50 wasabi plants is supposed to help unlock the chili pepper seeds in the Japanese/Asian inspired town, Tsuyukasa (probably got that name wrong...) So yeah... It's a long process! XD not that I mind it because wooing and marrying Wayne (the postman that looks like a cowboy from the western inspired town) is a bit of a long process... At Least collecting the materials to expand my house to marry him is. Wooing Wayne is easy... Just throw some flowers, coffee, and milk his way and he'll love you for life.

I also played through the first chapter of Sally Face, which had some trouble loading up for a bit but it started to work again so I'll play through the second chapter soon.

My cousin (the 14 year old--soon to be 15!) And my uncle and me went to Hobby lobby yesterday for some patterns and materials for some sewing projects we're going to be working on. And I got some books from the bookstore on the way home. My sewing project is a fantasy Archer costume. Lol.
Best picture I can find of what the costume is supposed to be.

And today everyone just had cake and we went out to eat. I'd show you all the pictures of the cakes that my uncle made buuuuut my phone is acting weird about loading Facebook (I'll try getting a picture on my computer a bit later). And of course my 14 year old cousin got lets play Eevee for her switch at her dad's (but she's leaving it here for me to play on my twin brothers switch).

We played that for an hour and well, the game is sort of a mixed bag for me. There are some things that I liked about it and then there are some I didn't really like. But I'm not going to say that Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are bad because they aren't. Part of me thinks that those two games are meant more for a younger audience and/or newcomers to Pokemon, especially those who play Pokemon Go. I'm not someone who plays Pokemon Go but that doesn't mean I don't like Let's Go Eevee because I do. I just miss the traditional Pokemon battles that previous games had but hey, I still recommend it if you like Pokemon and have always wanted Eevee as your starter.

Well that's all for now. I'll hopefully get back to writing tomorrow or tonight. See you all later.
June 10th, 2019 at 03:31am