#34 - Beginner's Reflection(1) - Do You Write The Way You Speak?

Hello, everybody.

What a great day to write!

Hope everyone enjoying your weekend!

Ok, the topic, "Do You Write The Way You Speak?", what would be your answer?

Personally, I do, I write what I say, in the most part, just like I am doing right now, and I can't do the writing if I don't pretend I am talking to someone.

I've been reading stories on Mibba for a while, every time as I am going through a story, I feel that the author is talking to me and telling the story. It is natural, I guess.

So, what about poetry? Do I feel that poets are talking to me?

Probably not, but I can hear their voices, feel the rhythms and see their facial expressions and body movement, like they are in front of me.

Poetry is more like a self expressive performance, poets show their inner emotions and feelings in some more exaggerated ways, just imagine that a poet talks the way she writes her poems in public, ..., Yeah.

Anyways, most of writings are not much different from talks or speakings, the authors transcribe what they would say to their readers if the readers were present.

There is a distinction between written language and spoken language in some fields, lots of articles and books have it as a main focus, so today, I'll just talk about it from my own perspective.

As you already knew, I love questions, which would make things more organized and focused, so let's bring some questions.

1. Whom are you talking to in your mind as you are writing?

For me, it depends, sometimes I imagine I am talking to one of my friends, sometimes a little kid or a group of kids, sometimes I just talk to myself.

2. Do you think that people who speak well would write well?

Yes, no doubts at all, almost every great public speakers are great writers, after all, they just write down what they would speak on stage in front of a big crowd.

2.1 What about you? Do you talk funny, sarcastic and hilarious, or boring, plain and clich├ęd? How does your way of speaking affect your writing?

3. Do you think that people who write well would speak well?

I am more towards "probably not." so many of famous writers are so awkward in interviews and making speech in public, but it doesn't necessarily mean they couldn't speak well, maybe they are just nervous or shy, when they are with their families and friends, they would talk normally, ... or not, I am not sure, everyone is different, but yeah, I will give a negative answer to this question.

3.1 What about you? Would you be a total different person when you are in writing mode?

4. Would you agree that enhancing our speaking skills would enhance our writing skills?

Yes, yes and yes. If you really want to become the best of the best fiction writer, just go out and practice your story-telling skills on everyone you meet, children, young and old adults, in every possible situation. If you can tell a story moving the heart of your audience, there would be so hard to believe you can't write a story moving the heart of your readers.

5. Would you agree that enhancing our writing skills would enhance our speaking skills?

Yes, yes and yes. The process of writing is the process of thinking, exploring and organizing, which makes our mind so clear, systematic and logical. Maybe some other factors affect our way of express ourself in speaking, but good way of thinking always helps our speaking greatly.

Okey, let's end the train of questions here, it's enough for today's reflection.

As mentioned, this series is to help myself and people like me to write well and I think this episode would build a good foundation for the future episodes.

The conclusion is that if you want to write well, you have to speak well first, and if you want to speak well, you have to think well, if you want think well, you have to have experience and good knowledge, and be more active in reflection, and writing is a great tool to help you think well.

Thanks for your participation and I am open to comments and messages.

Be bold and be different!

See you next time!

June 10th, 2019 at 08:46am