Jax News: Important! Please Read!

Jax here, bringing you a little bit of an update in regards to Killer in the Mirror. Do not fret, the story itself is still going strong, but updates may be scarce. I am going to take this blog today to keep everyone in the loop.
As you may have noticed, there was not an update this past Friday. This month is quite the difficult month for me for one specific reason. My father had passed away back in September of 2018 and this month he would have been 50 years old. This month is also Father's Day and my first one without him here to celebrate.
This is why, effective for this month only I will be taking a break from mibba. I will still be working on my updates behind the scenes but they will not be posted officially until July 5th 2019. I do want to thank everyone who has been supporting me with my focused project Killer in the Mirror. When this project is near its close I will be making another announcement to introduce which project I will be focusing on next.
I know mibba has a blog requirement and I do hope that I have filled it. Thank you all for reading!
Your Last Young Renegade,
Jax Green
June 10th, 2019 at 04:04pm