#35 - Beginner's Reflection(2) - Are You a Talkative Person? And Are You a Writeative Person?

Hi, everyone!

Happy Monday!

A new day for the adventure! Hope you all have some new ideas and inspirations!

Today, I want to talk about "writeative", which I think is a very important trait every beginner should have.

What do I mean by "writeative"? It's actually not a legal word in English, I invented it.

The word "writeative" means "writing a lot." You probably know the word "talkative", which means "talking a lot.", so I think you know what I am doing here.

Ok, first question:

Have you ever met someone who was lively, talkative in parties or on other casual occasions?

I know I have and it's not uncommon. They talk fast, smoothly and fluently, and sometimes a little bit too loud, exaggerated and even annoying. Most of what they talk are about their families, jobs and other gossip or trivial things, but I admire them. If they receive some formal speaking training, they could be great public speakers and no doubt, if they have some formal writing training, they could be extraordinary writers.

It is hard to imagine that people who are quiet, with low energy and don't love talking would become great speakers and in the same way, people who are not interested in anything, don't want to share with others and hate writing would be good writers in any chance.

I was wondering maybe I should be writeative first and then considering how to write well next.

But what does "writeative" mean exactly?

A simple test would help to explain: Just write down what comes out of your mind as fast as possible, such as "Roses are red", "Birds can fly" or "Water is transparent", etc. and then answer the question, how long could you keep doing it? In theory, the longer the better.

Some of you probably have been writing for very long time, some even more than ten years, I think you could keep writing down things as long as you want, but for beginners, like me, maybe not, so I want to know how I could do better in this aspect.

If I want to write well, I have to be a writeative person. When I write, I have to be able to write fast, things should flow out of my mind and turn into words as naturally as it can be. I think it should be a very crucial trait for any writer.

Should I become more talkative first?

It would help, but if I am not interested in being talkative, maybe I don't need to.

So how could I become more writeative then?

I really hope you share some of your tips and tricks. My thought is that I should be doing it like I would do in some physical exercises, doing simple things first and doing more complex things next, and doing it repeatedly and often. For example, write single words first, such as "rose", "red" or "bird", etc. Then short phrases next, "Roses are red", "Birds can fly" or "I love chocolates", etc. Then complex phrases and then sentences, ..., until you can keep writing as much as you want, as fast as you want and as long as you want.

Being writeative is very important for every writer and should be the very first thing any beginner do, practice and improve.

Alright, I think it is all for today's topic and thanks you guys so much for the support and encouragement.

Again, I am open to any suggestions and feedback.

Be creative and be active!

June 11th, 2019 at 08:39am